Acrobat reader x-anyone like it?

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Hi folks,

Some time ago I upgraded to the latest acrobat reader x. Not really that fussed about it and thinking of going to back to the 9 version. Am I missing somthing here and the latest version is really good or most people not like it? Whereas the old version used to open as a pdf reader file the latest version seems to open more like a web page, there is also a kind of floating toolbar with a printer + and - icons on it but everytime I try to click on it the toolbar disappears.

Just wondering is there any way I get the new reader to open just like the old one?



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    The latest version work fine - its best to keep upto date as the earlier version will have security holes.

    Are you talking about PDFs opening in a web browser - its not pretty as the old version but it what Adobe give us. You could try a different web browser and see if it helps.

    Opening PDF file stored on the computer works pretty much as the older version.

    Just live with it - maybe Adobe might improve things back to what they were :-)
    Or maybe Microsoft will take over Adobe and destroy it all.....
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    It gets more bloated with every release, foxit is much lighter, (38vs12Meg download) opening in a browser is an optional setting that has been around for a while
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    Main reason for Adobe X over Adobe 9 is for the 'protected mode', so that any successful exploits are contained within a sandbox.

    There are many PDF based exploits, and not necessarily from downloading dodgy PDFs. The usual way is to visit a website that links to an exploit kit, and the exploit kit looks for vulnerabilities in common applications. Java is the bigger problem though when it comes to exploits.

    I use a few different readers - Nitro, PDFXchange, and Foxit. They all run sandboxed.
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    martin57 wrote: »

    Just wondering is there any way I get the new reader to open just like the old one?

    It's an option under preferences - internet settings. Can't remember off the top of my head which one it is but I do remember I couldn't get it to work. I despise Reader X and went back to 9.4 - the whole pdf through a browser seems a step backwards, as do many of the other 'usability' enhancements.
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    Have a look at Sumatra PDF Reader, which is virtually bloat-free and very simplistic. The only problem is the vile yellow background (there's a parameter to change that to any colour you like, fortunately).
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