MSE News: Dump Sky and iPhones, struggling homeowners told

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    auto-man wrote: »
    Oh sorry. The main redundancy was in 1998. I've used my savings and had to take a loss of £47000 on a rental so yes I've done all that.

    How dare you all preach like this. It's disgusting. You do not know anything about me, all your presumptions are misguided by your own self pity. Because you're a failure you think we all are.

    I had it all, lost it all, used all my savings snd sold a flat at a huge loss to pay my debts. I now have less than £35k to show for it.

    Now, from someone that has seen it (twice) and been affected twice, I stand by my debate that the actual money advice trust and the banks agreed that entertainment, phones and Internet is allowed snd acceptable before debt repayment is assessed.

    So try again. Please though, be so kind and ask before presuming.

    Umm, we mustn't make assumptions about you, but you can be presumptious about us!! You accuse us of bullying, but call other posters imbeciles and failures, you are funny! The original recession I was thinking of was the late 80's/ early 90's.

    Obviously you are angry, but you take no responsibility on yourself, it wasn't your fault, well I'm damn sure it wasn't mine! Look to yourself and don't blame everyone else for things that go wrong.

    I hate this blame culture.

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    We cancelled our Sky last week as it was getting so expensive. Then had a chap in where I work who has the full sky package. He doesn't work, and can afford, I do work and can't! I get sooooooo annoyed:mad:
    Good luck all :)
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    It might be frustrating, but you don't know what their particular bills are. Some people are willing to cut their grocery bill down or don't have a car or any transportation costs as they live where they can walk to shops and such, and that frees up enough to pay for sky (or whatever). It's much like comparing apples to oranges.
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  • People need to stop behaving like spoilt children which is what most of them have done and got themselves into so much debt.
    The most important way to spend your money is
    pay mortgage or rent
    Pay food bills
    Pay transport costs for work
    Pay utility bills
    Pay mobile bill which only needs to be £25.
    00 per month on 3 for 2000 x net mins and unlimited data usage with a smartphone.
    Pay for CHEAP clothes that are NEEDED not what are WANTED!
    I think if most people added up these costs there would not be any money left over
    Therefore they will have to exist or get a payrise or a better paying job.
    For the past 13 years all people hace done is give themselves a payrise of about £4000 per year via credit.
    Clearly this was only sustained whilst credit was available etc; but now the whole pack of cards has come tumbling down.
    Therefore if you want it you will have to save and if you cannot save enough then you can't have it! Simples!.
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    I'm not sure about that - banks don't need £100k to lend someone a £100k mortgage - they need about £25/30k. They create the other 70k(ish).
    Please explain how they create this money.
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    auto-man wrote: »
    I never implied any such thing. You're usually good at adding words in people's mouths, not mine. I said over general debts not a mortgage. According to all the banks that agreed to the common financial statement trigger figures, a reasonable allowance for sky, mobile and internet is allowed. Maybe you forget what century we are in.

    Go learn what you try and preach before you look any sillier. Thanks for showing MSE to be the bullying forum it is.

    So who signed up to the terms and condition of YOUR debts?

    Because you lost it all you should have to stick to these terms and conditions.

    Trust me I don't need to put words in your mouth, you seems to have more than enough spewing out of there anyway.

    Please correct me if I am wrong but form your rather long rant I got the following:

    You have no mortgage but other debts to the bank to which you don't believe you should pay so you can keep your iPhone and Sky subscription?

    If that is wrong feel free to correct me (in a calm and pleasant way if you can please)
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    Pay mobile bill which only needs to be £25.00 per month on 3 for 2000 x net mins and unlimited data usage with a smartphone.

    Or cheaper.... Talkmobile seemed to have some of the best contract deals and buying a phone outright and using it on PAYG can sometimes work out better value, especially if you're not actually using all those hundreds/thousands of minutes and texts.

    In any case a smartphone is not an essential, nor is a mobile at all for most people. Personally I would put it under essential clothing as discretionary spend.
    For the past 13 years all people hace done is give themselves a payrise of about £4000 per year via credit.
    Clearly this was only sustained whilst credit was available etc; but now the whole pack of cards has come tumbling down.

    Some people..... Of course when viewed in those terms that would never be sustainable. Seems the US government might just about be coming around to understanding that too.
    Therefore if you want it you will have to save and if you cannot save enough then you can't have it! Simples!.

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    Maybe the Student Loan Company could insist that no student with a loan is allowed an iPhone? I see all these "poor" students with iPhones and they boast that they pay £45 per month.
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    The more i think about this the more I am not keen on the idea. The snippet says that customers who will be getting calls are those who UK Asset Resolution have identified as 'COULD be likely to get into trouble'.
    As I said before I have no issue with those who are actually in trouble having the fact that mortgage = priority sky=luxury pointed out to them but I just don't feel that there is a need to call people who they think might struggle and start dictating what they sould be spending their own earnings on.

    I really would not be pleased if I received a phonecall along those lines asking how much i spent on say getting my hair cut/nails done/legs waxed/ using my mobile then pointing out that I shouldn't be spending that I should be focusing on my mortgage instead. I signed up to 240 monthly payments and IMO as long as i am meeting those payments what I do with the remainder of my earnings is my concern. At the bottom of every letter or statement from my lender in bold print is 'your home may be repossesed if you fail to make repayments on this mortgage' or similar words. Is there really a need in these calls especially using the tone implied in the snippit.
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    I am discusted by this to be honest.

    I myself do have sky, mobile, internet however I dont go out every weekend and trash the town centre or go to the shops and buy expensive cloths or go out and dine at the resturant.

    If I followed the advice and give up Sky and internet then I may as well just stop living. People can come on here all high and mighty slagging people off who are in debt and calling them every name under the sun, but I can safely say that its "YOU Trolls" that will get whats coming to you soon enough. And when it does, don't expect any sympothy.

    All it takes is the loss of a job, An accident etc and "YOUR" circumstances could change in a heartbeat so please think before you speak.

    Just think!!! If everyone tomorrow cancelled their phone, internet and TV service. How many people would be out of a job??

    I always pay my bills and if my circumstances were to change for the worst then I would downgrade or cancel but not until then.
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