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    Technobadger. I think the traditional schoolwear businesses are close to meltdown. Firms have gone bust or have new owners and there are more stories this year of delays in supplying uniforms which suggests that these companies are struggling to finance sufficient stocks.

    Indeed, which is one of the reasons why I firmly believe that parents / PTAs / groups of parents should take the bull by the horns and look to robustly supply their own uniform. Now.

    There's plenty of time before the big rush next June / July to dangle a toe and test the water. Start simply by offering parents the school's sweatshirt / jumper at (much) lower prices than they're used to. They may bite your hands off. I think we both agree that supplying in this way should not involve the parents paying a donation to the school along with the uniform cost by way of higher prices than necessary.

    I think I've mentioned Zeco Schoolwear and Innovation Trading as possible established and low cost suppliers to schools - anyone tried them? And with what success please?
  • But DCSF guidance says there should be more than one supplier. However most schools ignore this. IF schools become the only suppliers then they should have to adhere to some code of practice which bans them from making any profit.

    When my daughters school did it the prices were way too high which was why I challenged them!
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    Sadly many schools are a law to their own.

    Ours is a grammar school and think they can get away with anything.
  • It is a shame that so many schools think so little of their parent group that they feel they need to be ripped off. Either by exclusive arrangements with sole supplying retailers or by selling themselves (maybe via the PTA) at much too high a mark-up. Come on schools - the ball is in your court, sort these injustices out!
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