Can you buy cheap school uniforms? Poll Discussion

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  • It seems they can do whatever they like as education is compulsory and they seem to be accountable to nobody.

    Lets hope we can get enough support to start some sort of campaign against this rip off practice.
  • My daughter just started at a local state secondary school and her uniform bill was almost £500. :eek: I have approached the local MP who is not keen to do anything to help - we are not on benefits so get no help with this, she is the oldest of three - it better wear well!! they are all going to be wearing it!!

    I think that there should be a State School uniform! black skirt/trousers/ white shirt and maybe a badge or tie to distinuish the schools. All the schools around here make you buy skirt/ blouse/ etc from the supplier. Its cruel.......................... and pain full

    I feel your pain, I have three boys at secondary school. Many of their clothes are worn out after 2-3 months being lads!

    I have spent the last 3-4 years complaining to my kids school, this year they gave me a £50 per child allowance towards the uniform so complaining persistently does pay off sometimes.

    The Idea of a state school uniform is not a bad one, then all schools would have to abide by it and the supermarkets/cheaper uniform suppliers could compete. Would it work in practice? Who knows but it's worth discussing.
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    Agree - we get the bus pass paid for due to limited income - but not the uniform!

    If we stopped working we would get it - crazy.
  • This would be a very worthwhile campaign. If it was started over the next few months there'd be plenty of time for the organisation of alternative supplies, if needed, of uniform for next year's 'Back to School'. Let's all hope that something can be done.

    My daughters' uniform included green skirts at £35 each, blouses at £20 and sweatshirts at the best part of £20 each (state secondary school). My son's first blazer was £65, might have been £85 - I've tried to erase the memory of having to part with so much cash for what I could have bought trade for a fraction of the price.
  • When The Offspring were school age, I was told that only Yr7 & up were required to wear uniform. Out of interest I've done a bit of surfing & found THIS FOR ENGLAND & WALES, using THIS PAGE as a starting point. Hope it is of some help & very best of Luck with your fight.

    As an aside, I just wished someone had told me about educating your children yourself, as I would have done it a lot sooner than I did :o
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  • Well it seems this thread has gone quiet now. I rather hoped that more people would come forward in support to try and change this scam which is being run by the schools our children go to.

    Maybe there are too many people with more money than sense!
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    Probably they do not see the thread here - am sure it is not in the best place.
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    Well I tried a PM to MSE Archna but no reply yet.

    I might start a thread in a more appropriate area of the forum for this as I would like to see something done and I want to find out how much support there will be.

    With the amount of people on this site alone we should be able to get an idea of the number of people who are being ripped off.

    According to the poll results I'm guessing a large percentage of people are being forced to buy from specific suppliers.

  • Please pop a link to any new thread that you start over here, please! Good luck!

    I'm wondering what the point of the poll was - any enlightenment please?
  • Technobadger. I think the traditional schoolwear businesses are close to meltdown. Firms have gone bust or have new owners and there are more stories this year of delays in supplying uniforms which suggests that these companies are struggling to finance sufficient stocks.
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