Fostering in quarters?

Me and my wife want to start fostering in the near future but were wondering if it is allowed in marriage quarters?
We know alot about fostering as my parents have fostered for 16 years now and my wife was in foster care.
Well if anyone knows if its aloud we would be greatfull



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    I do know that SSAFA train military personnel in fostering mil kids, especially overseas. So you could start by speaking to your local SSAFA office.

    If you mean civvy fostering then sorry, I don't know much about it except that if it is possible to foster through mil welfare, it shouldn't be treated differently.
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    I can't imagine there would be any rules against it. Phone DHE or whatever they are called now.
  • thanks for replys and yes it would be civy fostering that we would do going to do some phoneing around next week to find out then to start the 9month process at getting on the fostering list.
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    Good foryou do i search on the net go on fostering sites do a lot info we are to the back end of procesing neally ready for pannel its took 7 months we are not working for the local council did loads reserch befor we applied
    a lot of things have changed in the last year all new rules as we applied 15 years ago then i had my own girl so put on hold good luck.
  • I had a member of staff who did this, the only issue was that they were not entitled to an upgrade in size. She took it to Admiral Lawrence who I think was the DHE guy at the time and then I was posted so I'm not sure if it has changed but yes, it is allowed.
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