It just struck me, am i the only one who does this?

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As i have just completed my weekly task of 'watering my milk down', it struck me and i asked myself i wonder if im the only one who does this?

11 days out of 14 i live by myself and 4 ltrs of milk usually sees me through the fortnight. For the past six months i have been buying full fat milk and mixing it half and half with water. to my mind and taste buds this makes and tastes like semi skimmed milk and saves me 50% on my milk costs.

Surely i cant be the only one who does this?

Oh and btw i dont tell anyone else i do it and have never had any comments re the taste of cuppas etc

A penny saved is a penny earned.
The less you spend the more you have.


  •'re not the only one that does this!

    i water mine down with cooled boiled water and it goes twice as far!
  • Thanks god for that :j, lol i was beginning to think maybe i had taken frugalism a bit too far
    A penny saved is a penny earned.
    The less you spend the more you have.
  • Pink.
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    Hi goodgod,

    I don't do this personally as I have growing children who need all the calories and nutrients they can get from milk and I prefer to drink undiluted milk myself to guard against the risk of future osteoporosis, but quite a few other Old Stylers do water down their milk as you can see from this previous thread:

    Watering down milk.....

  • rachbc
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    I wouldn't do this as it reduces the nutrients in the milk and as I have kids I like them to get as much as possible from it - I only spend £3 (3x 4 pints) a week on milk so its not a huge proportion of my budget anyway
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    I use half litre of UHT milk to make yogurt then water the other half to use in tea and coffee.
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    i used to do this till we swapped to skimmed uht
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    I do this and get the best of both worlds - I keep some of the full fat milk back to use where I need a creamier taste eg making a white sauce, & dilute the rest for where I would use semi-skimmed (on cereal, for instance). I get through a lot of milk and this saves a fair bit of money over the year and gives me more room in the fridge. I know the nutritional value is less but I don't have any young children & I'm getting enough vitamins etc. from other sources.
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    It's fine for adults in most cases. If you've got kids though, it's not ideal as it also halves the amount of calcium, protein and vitamins in the milk. It's not just about the fat content.
  • With the reduction of Vitamins, calcium etc can this not be made up with yogurts and cheese?
    A penny saved is a penny earned.
    The less you spend the more you have.
  • LJM wrote: »
    i used to do this till we swapped to skimmed uht

    We buy semi-skimmed and water it down by 50% to make skimmed. Not sure if it will work with UHT though.
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