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MSE News: EDF and Scottish Power in fixed energy price war

in Energy
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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"The pair are engaged in an energy price war to bring some much-needed positive news for households ..."


  • backfootbackfoot Forumite
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    and the prize for the most exaggerated headline goes to........;)
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    Premier_2Premier_2 Forumite
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    Well. EDF & SP may well be having a price war, yet they are too late, and too expensive for me.

    My supplies will be being switched to OVO very shortly, as they are still cheaper than both EDF & SP.

    So far, everything seems great with OVO - they seem pleasent to talk to and answer the phone quickly; it's an 0800 number anyway. They do only work normal office hours though. They've kept me fully informed by email too :)

    My only gripe, if you can call it that, is that since I applied OVO have actually reduced their prices. Yes reduced them! ... and I'm tied into the more expensive ones :eek:

    Oh well, it was only the gas they reduced (the electric is the same) and I can't really blame OVO for reducing the prices; more like my stupidity for falling into the trap of fixing prices.

    Still it's still cheap, even at the pre-reduced prices :)
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  • PincherPincher
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    Wonder what the people who said "Damn, just missed EDF Fixed Saver V2" will do now?

    In particular, E.On SaveOnline 2 is finishing 31st August 2011, so it's a second chance to fix on FS V2.

    If I wanted to get FS V2, I would have done it in July.

    No, it's E.On SaveOnline 9 on 12th September, then FixOnline 10.

    I could easily be £200 worse off if I'm wrong. :eek:
    Who needs to go to the casino, eh? ;)
  • AnonAnon Forumite
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    It is a myth that EDF haven't put their prices up - they put them up in March/April (?) for many, then put them up for us on the Online tariff (remember the £100 credit for signing up last year, with the winter guarantee?) at the end of July. What annoys me is that they have changed the standing charge and per unit tariff (up and down respectively, if I have remembered correctly) so that you cannot do a direct comparison between the old and new tariff.

    Another annoying development of the past year for all suppliers is adding an exit penalty for the internet tariffs, which are not even fixed and therefore you get penalised as soon as they switch their focus onto their new "market leading" tariff. Surely this distorts the market and prevents people from switching (and no doubt introduced due to the number of people regularly switching to bring the price down). Is this the new PPI type campaign issue ...

  • bengasmanbengasman Forumite
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    Pricewar? I would hardly call a POSSIBLE reduction of UP TO £30 ( no doubt the most optimistic scenario ) on a £1000+ bill a pricewar.

    The FIXED penalty is nearly twice as high as the amount that you MAY save. Let's remember that all energy suppliers are only there to make a maximum profit, and certainly are not trying to give the consumer the best value for money. All and all, it sounds more like a massive gamble than a great deal.
  • We are just coming off the fixed reduced tariff at the end of Sept. Phone up to see what else they had and yhe girl said that I could fix again until Sept 2012 at just over there current (pre any price increase) priced tariff 4.5% higher, so it was a gamble in case they don't put up thrie prices like the other big 5. I pushed her further and then she said they had a tariff which meant I could fix until the end of Dec 2012 at 2.1% higher........... I took this one as worst scenario it will cost me £40 a year more as opposed to £80 a year more on the 4.5% deal, or 15% to 20% more if I did nothing and went on their standard tariff and they put up their prices............ I feel like I was talking to a bookmaker but what choice have we.......... Rip off Britain again !
  • davidgmmafandavidgmmafan Forumite
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    I've heard good things about OVO, suppose overall this news has to be a good thing. I know there are some grumbles but surely its better than news the best deals are being pulled? Doesn't help anyone who had fixed at a higher rate of course.
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  • bulktransbulktrans Forumite
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    I am on SP - Online Disc Energy ext to Dec 2011 no stand charge ... and no idea if this is any good. To be honest its diff to understand who's good and what's best ... any one else has the same or can share if this product is good? thnx
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