Real life MMD: Should I buy glasses from my friend?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Should I buy glasses from my friend?

My glasses need replacing. My friend is an independent optician, selling mostly pricey designer specs, but I'd prefer to just get something cheap. She would definitely notice if I had new glasses and I worry she'd be offended that I hadn't gone to her. Should I fork out for posh glasses?
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  • telscotelsco Forumite
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    When you find a pair you like, tell your friend. She may be able to get them for you from her supplier - maybe even cheaper.
  • Very wise advice from @telsco there, I agree completely.

    Give your friend a chance to "beat that deal", so to speak.

    I work on commission in my job (mobile phone shop) and would do the best I could for a friend to get them the best deal and cheapest price, but if they could get it cheaper elsewhere, I wouldn't feel offended.

    In fact, more often than not, I'll point friends to the truly cheapest deal, then they'll offer to reimburse me the commission I lost by not selling the (more expensive) deal to them. ;-)
  • A friend of mine had the same dilemma with a bike shop...

    Personally I would see my friend for the prescription explain the finance side and go on-line for the glasses.
    Also glasses are discounted if you are on tax credits.

    Your friend may offer to find you discounted/cheaper glasses
  • ironlady2022ironlady2022 Forumite
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    Agree with above, speak to the friend and if she can't beat it then that's fine. If she was your real friend she would not want to rip you off either. When I use to work at Vodafone, I would not have been offended if they could get a cheper deal. But I definitely would not accept the money for what commission I would have made. This is not how me and my friends work.
  • See you friend, give her an idea of your budget, and let her try to match. If she can't then, go elsewhere - there is no shame in being price-conscious, and a true friend will understand your situation - she may surprise you, give her a chance.
  • scotsbobscotsbob Forumite
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    You buy the spectacles you want. If your friend comments you tell her you didn't think she sold the brand you bought, that is why you didn't go to her. However you will bear her in mind when you buy your next pair.
  • If she's a true friend then she'll definately understand your situation and requirements/needs. She won't be offended.
  • bogwartbogwart Forumite
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    Just tell her that you don't want to spend loadsamoney on designer glasses. They're all a rip-off anyway with only two or three manufacturers of lenses and frames, and you can get excellent quality glasses from the links on this site for as little as £6.95. I have bought several pairs from these people in the last couple of years and have never been dissatisfied.

    There is a big mark-up on these items and you never know - your friend may have some ideas of her own. But do be completely frank with her if she's a friend.
  • _nate_nate Forumite
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    No. (Get contact lenses...)
  • What telsco said. Give your friend the opportunity to offer a deal. I wouldn't avoid her on the matter unless your budget is really tight.

    I'm often in the same situation as the optician being socially involved in the activity area I trade in. I do the best deal I can for people that ask but sometimes it just can't be done. I don't expect people to pay me more for something they can get cheaper elsewhere and I'm not upset when that happens. I'm more disappointed if they don't think to approach me about it though.
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