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Please note, our Forum rules no longer allow the posting of links to personal fundraising or crowdfunding pages, such as JustGiving. You can read the full set of our Forum rules here. real or scam?

We always keep clothes back and put them in the charity bags that come through the door. Have recently had one from

Looking at the web site it says they hope to set up a cash for schools program but aren't actually running one.

Does anyone know anything about it? Are they a good intentioned start-up , a profit making charity organisation or is it just a scam?

Call me cynical but.....
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  • Savvy_Sue
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    Well, what they say they are is:
    a commercial clothes collection company.

    How new they are, I couldn't say. But be in no doubt, they are not a charity.
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  • Alaric_2

    You or I could set up a clothing collection company with ease tomorrow, say we were raising money for a hospice and donate £10 to a local hospice, and be deemed to be operating legally.

    I have spoken to Oxfordshire Trading Standards this afternoon as I was concerned about the company. They are a legitimite company based in Leicester (and Tallinn) and have indicated that they will be donating money to schools in the near future (far more than £10).

    However, I advise you to drop items in to a local Red Cross or Oxfam store rather than use one of the bags if you want to be sure that your clothes will be used to raise funds for causes - Red Cross shops accept "rags in bags" - they do sell them on for recycling.


  • Grumpy_Old_Duffer
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    Just had a bag myself through the door from this Company. OH always tends to get rid of something using these bags, but like I pointed out that's just supporting criminal fraudsters/gangs.

    Found the following which makes interesting reading :- :D

    ..... and interestingly, have a look on Google Maps Street-View when you enter the postcode LE7 7TA;) looks like a Rental property, so this company may 'disappear!!!
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  • ferrari042
    My view is they are just another commercial company seeking to profit from our good nature and a wish to help schools. The Advertising Standards Authority recently upheld a complaint that their ads were misleading as it claimed to help local schools, this has now been changed to "schools in the UK" on their new collection bag I have received today, I certainly would not use them as there is no evidence to substantiate their claims. If you want to help local schools look for a scheme run locally or ring your local school as they may already have a scheme in place which is transparent (unlike this one). The ASA ruling is shown below:-

    The ASA noted Abc Vara said that they collected money to support schools and that they gave 70% of their profits to those schools. However, because we had seen no evidence to substantiate that, we concluded that the ad was misleading.
  • MummySusie
    This is not a charity and they do state that they are a commercial company therefore you will not find any charity registration numbers. So they are making a profit and saying that they donate 70% of the profits to the very short list of schools on their website. There is no evidence of this. Who knows if they are giving 70% of their profits or a small donation or if they even gave anything at all. And would you trust people who will steal things on your property? I wouldn't.

    Where I work we have a scheme called Bag2School (non school version is Bag2theFuture) where they give us bags to give to the children who fill them then they take them away and weigh them (ABC Vara does it too and calls it their school scheme). bag2School pay us quite well for the textiles we collect and they recycle them by selling them on to foreign markets. They have policies in place and have been well publicised. Although they are a business too, they are legitimite and I know they pay well for what we collect. It provides us with some very much needed extra school funding.

    I just don't trust ABC Vara. I wonder if that man got his car battery back?! Hope so.
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