Reasons to be cheerful



  • I've thought of another one!

    Not being afraid to log on to my internet banking without feeling sick & shakey at the thought of it!

    And NOT eating beans on toast 5 days out of 7!:rotfl:
    i wish my bank account could keep up with my Rockstar Lifestle! :cool:
  • And actually the very very best one!

    Getting rid of my smelly lodger! :j
    i wish my bank account could keep up with my Rockstar Lifestle! :cool:
  • dell33
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    rockstar44 wrote: »
    And actually the very very best one!

    Getting rid of my smelly lodger! :j

    sorry that one made me laugh :T
  • Trevor64_2
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    edited 17 August 2011 at 6:33PM
    #19 Getting my first letter through the post today confirming that my credit card debt is statute barred, my account is closed and I will no longer be persued for the money. £1410.50 I don't owe today that I did yesterday.
    Only another £14,750 to go.

    Confirms that I should've done this years ago instead of burying my head in the sand.
  • kjp
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    What a great thread!

    #20 - using this forum to buy great presents at reduced costs throughout the year, and the pleasure on the recipient's face because I've actually thought about their present rather than just ran into Boots and bought a gift set!

    And #21 - beating the system - ringing up insurance companies to tell them, actually, no, I don't want your quote that's half as much again as last year, I've got it cheaper, AND got cashback coming!
    House Fund: £2,800/£20,000 - 14%
  • Just signed up for an allotment for next year (£12.50) so I can grow even more lovely veg. Very excited! :j
  • TypeR
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    It's a nice thread for sure - but by not taking on lots and lots of lovely new debt, you'll find the political class of this country will slam you for doing a dis-service to our economy!

    Get out there now and buy a new car, 8 bedroom house you can't really afford! tut lol

    ;) x
  • shezam
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    Reason to be cheerfull...

    1 week till payday and still having £120 in my bank account. This may not sound like much, but I have NEVER and I repeat NEVER in the 7 years I have been on a salary had any money left in my account by next payday!

    Hoping I can spend minimal amount this week and put at least £50 to my ISA on payday.
  • Tink_04
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    Learning to be happy with what I've got!
    Living the simple life
  • elfen
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    Knowing that by dealing with my debts, although sometimes they climb, that my spreadsheet says they're dropping as well :D

    Also, knowing I'm not over my limit at the end of the month.
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    I do it all because I'm scared.
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