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hi all
i live in N.Ireland i dont have a choice who supplys me with electricty unless i chosse to put a noisy GEN in the back garden and run it 24/7 but i dont want to do that

anyway what do we all pay per unit of electric as iam sure u all know NI pays the highest rates we are now paying (units price perce 9.64) i would be intrested what every1 in the mainland is paying i know it will b much lower..

thanks for reading aidsy


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    Powergen: 6.35/kw standard 2.62/kw off peak
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    if ur paying so much and have no choice re changing suppliers, i hope ur being a green little person and looking at PV's and other green energy sources. As your 'payback' period will be the shortest.

    (photovoltanic cells = PV's)

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