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Double glazing sales job smells fishy

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  • jamespirjamespir Forumite
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    its a double glazing sales job the clue is in the title its not gonna be easy trust me ive done it people will put up objections you have to work round them but their is no point flogging a dead horse if you feel it aint gonna go no where walk away (politely) and move on to next customer
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    It would be interesting to know what the OP was expecting.
  • I wasn't expecting it to be easy I just didn't think bullying old women into sales still actually took place, it's what you see on rouge traders.
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    So you could do the job, but not sell to old ladies?
  • I would not class that as selling
  • Russe11Russe11 Forumite
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    21flames wrote: »
    Russe 11

    It sounds to me like you are trying to justify all of what happened was fine, at the end of the day, non of what happened was at all!

    Would you want that to happen to your nan, someone that age you know?...........Doubt it

    I think these people that can do that to someone like that are just deluded in thinking that is an OK thing to do just to earn some money then laugh afterwards.

    I suppose after having that drummed into them for so long they don't see a problem with it and that is when they have truly become scum.

    He said to me today.......Buyers are liars.................I think that is the other way around!

    No, just saying thats the way sales works, it is about selling... there does not have to be a need or desire there to begin with, it is the salesperson job to create the desire and get a sale.

    Morals set aside, everyone has different values, just trying to add the infomation I know about the industry.

    A idividual can decide if they like the way of making a living or not, bullying old people is not the way to operate, but salepeople are driven to earn money, the money can only be made by maximising sales, some salepeople are on concerned about the sale.

    This "£2000 door" can prob be sourced with another company that does not used direct sales tactics for much less maybe 30-40% of the price the customer agreed to. £200 commision does not sound like a "full money" deal, but still well overpriced with 370ish of VAT. 200 commision, maybe 50 for the canvasser, 200 to the management team etc etc

    I don't work in the idustry now, but have done for periods in the past, I had a choice, take JSA sitting around all week, or go round knocking on doors and earning a very easy high wage for walking around chatting to people.

    I assume you have decided not to take up this job but if yopu have any other questions I might or might not know the answers.
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    21flames wrote: »
    I would not class that as selling

    What would you class as selling?
  • In this industry it is obviously the norm, that's fine, it's not for me.

    I would class the sale I went out on as ' Bullying, scaring and intimidating '..........If that's what you class as selling that's fine, I can't do that, especially to the elderly.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions though, much appreciated.:beer:
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    Whatever you do do not go into some of the companies that specialise in selling to the elderly, eg Mobility scooters, hearing aids, special baths, beds etc. They really are the dregs.
  • The guy told be that's who he targets, so I'm best out of that.

    I have an interview for sky in store. I know it will be high pressure to sell but at least people come to you wanting it, regardless of their age so I could see myself doing that.

    Just hope the interview goes well.
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