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MSE News: No pay rise for most workers

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  • Well I can only hope the Goverment, supermarkets, gas & electric suppliers are reading this. I recieved a 1.8% pay rise this year, my husband tokk a pay cut to save his job, however everything is going up from the price of a loaf of bread etc. How are we expected to pay for these things, everyone I know are struggling just to make ends meet and they reckon we are out of recession, not in my eyes
  • relic wrote: »
    Get another job then.

    Eh where?????? You obviously dont live in the same area as us or you would know the job situation here is dire!!!
  • relicrelic Forumite
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    avasgranny wrote: »
    Eh where?????? You obviously dont live in the same area as us or you would know the job situation here is dire!!!

    The job situation in your area is so dire that there were no jobs they could apply for in 3 years?

    Where do you live, that it is so bad?
    Per Mare Per Terram
  • rowie1rowie1 Forumite
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    just heard today that our company is dishing out 1.5% accross the board, better than nothing 11p per hour, but does'nt cover the cost of everything else that has gone up gas/elec/diesel etc..
  • ppollyppolly Forumite
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    That is not news here. Husband has had a pay freeze, rapidly followed by a pay and hours cut.
  • cupkatecupkate Forumite
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    Hammyman wrote: »
    ....unless you are in the public sector which has had wage rises since records began. Of course they'll bleat on about the years they didn't get any but what they mean is "cost of living" whereas the private sector means "earning the same amount".

    I wondered when the public sector bashing would start. Most civil service departments haven't had a pay increase for 2 years now. (don't know about rest of public sector). Those on the maximum pay scales for their grade had their pay frozen a few years ago and some of these salaries are around £17,000 a year.
    Whether public or private sector, it's hard to manage on a frozen wage when prices keep increasing.
  • ceridwenceridwen
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    Kushan wrote: »
    I know that the people who work in Virgin Media's onshore call centres haven't had a single pay rise in 9 years, so things can be worse.


    Hadnt known that - no wonder so many of them are useless at their job - so would I be if my pay had been cut so much.
  • ceridwenceridwen
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    avasgranny wrote: »
    Hubby and son both had their hours and wages (obv) cut 3 years ago. Were given notice on the sat it was happening the next day! Indeed it did. Overnight we lost twenty per cent of hubbys wages. Totally threw us into financial desperation and ended up nearly losing our house. Anyway since then no hours increased and certainly no pay rises but the boss loves to boast about how the profits are up as he turns up to work in another brand new car or books their fifth foreign holiday of the year! Swine!

    ...or to be more accurate sorting "the sheep from the goats" - ie the boss is a "selfish swine" and he doesnt give a toss about the poor employees.

    I am just getting SO disillusioned about JUST how many "I'm all right jack" merchants there are around - at other peoples expense:(:(:( - and hes a prime example.
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    edited 3 August 2011 at 7:57PM
    Swine maybe but your husband has carried on working for him for 3 years!!!

    Can't be that bad!


    Sometimes it IS a case of "needs must - and there doesnt seem to be any other option". I'm not in the s*** personally and (fingers crossed) never will be <<cross fingers hard....cross fingers VERY hard and knock on wood smilie>> BUT I do think it is incumbent upon those of us who havent been too badly affected/havent been badly affected at all to realise that it simply aint the way it is for many people.

    There ARE many people who honestly HAVE "brought things upon themselves" - and yep....I think we CAN all readily identify who they those who had children they couldnt afford/went into debt for luxuries/etc and there really ARE many who - put it quite simply - simply ARE irresponsible/greedy/etc - BUT, on the other hand, there are people who really HAVE acknowleged their personal responsibilities/not been greedy or selfish in any way and THEY are being hit as well.

    So - just how do you propose that the greedy/selfish/f*ckless do see the consequences of their actions on the one hand BUT the responsible/manage their money well etc type people DO get treated fairly and not have their standard of living cut (maybe to a "cant manage at all" level) dealt with on the other hand?

    I must admit that its a question that often preoccupies my mind personally - and for very obvious personal reasons (ie from the POV of being a responsible/accept I have to "pay my way" sorta person - BUT I DO expect to be treated fairly sorta person myself).
  • ceridwenceridwen
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    Simple answer to what volunteering work one can do in a hair salon - errr...I dont quite understand the query - because there obviously ISNT any. Any job in a place like a hair salon is, by definition, a paid one. Its only charities and other worthy causes that can expect to receive work on a "voluntary" basis. A hair salon is, by definition, a business and therefore "voluntary" work obviously doesnt apply.

    I admit as to being very puzzled as to why you are asking this - can you elucidate on this?
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