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HOME BARGAINS finds thread 4

edited 2 August 2011 at 11:51PM in It's Gone, but was it any good?
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  • jostall69 wrote: »
    Dettol no touch hand wash now £4.98 ,so £1.98 with £3.00 moc :j

    Yes I had this deal a couple of weeks ago :money:
  • muriemurie Forumite
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    Hi Elysia we can now compare bargains!

    There were loads of the Yankee Tarts this morning in Stechford - not selling many as there was no SEL on them. I have not been to Chelmsley Wood this week so unsure if they have them but will post if I see them.

    And local to me too! (Yardley!) :j
    lovin' this site!
  • Deek43Deek43 Forumite
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    I've got my tartlets too! :j

    Beach Towel
    Fresh Eucalyptus
    Fruit Punch
    Tart Cranberry
    Lilac Petals
    Crisp Linen - no more left

    Loads of the others tho @ Stechford. Thanks to Murie (my sister) for taking me:beer:
  • purplestar133purplestar133 Forumite
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    Had to run on down to stock up on Yankee candles. Lucky I'm off work, it's impossible to get there otherwise.

    Hillsborough branch has lilac petals, fruit punch, beach towel, fresh linen, and eucalyptus tarts. Only the first three smell ok to me and they're not the greatest smells - we'll see. As long as they stop my flat from smelling like what I've had for tea, I'm happy!

    They also had votives - small candles- for 39p. I got a couple of them.
  • rachbcrachbc Forumite
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    Not a fan of yankee candles BUT I got method eco clothes wash - £1.29 - compared to £6 plus in waitrose so very happy. Not seen much I wanted last few trips but vwery happy this time with lots of food bits and massive box of finish tablets too.
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  • PeartreePeartree Forumite
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    As a Yankee fan and with two electric tart burners at home, as soon as I saw this I got straight in the car and went to Home Bargains.

    Despite my buying rather a lot, I can report that there are plenty tarts and votives left in the Preston Deepdale store. Votives 39p and tarts 19p.
  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    seemed to find many more bargains today than I have for ages :j

    Charles Worthington take away sizes (various products) 49p
    bic shaving foam minis (male and female varieties) 75ml 59p
    star trek and simpsons versions of 20q for 2.99 (or was it 3.99?)
    Cars plush toys 2.99

    and i was REALLY excited to see that they had the bezzerwizzer board game for £5.99. whilst it's not for one minute worth the 39.99 rrp on the shelf edge label this is an amazing board game that comes out every time we have a board game night and it is a scream. It's like a more tactical version of trivial pursuits, would make a fab christmas present for teens/adults
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  • pulliptearspulliptears Forumite
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    Tarts in longton, Stoke in Trent store. Lilac, linen, beach towel and eucalyptus. No votives on the shelf. Stocked up myself and there are still many boxes left. Bargain!
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  • Thanks for the heads up on the yankee tarts - bought a fair few this morning - should last me a while!
  • Wendy5704Wendy5704 Forumite
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    Has anyone seen the Yankee candles in the North East branches?
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