Ideas for turning a pot into a water feature, please!

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I got a 50cm terracotta pot of Ebay for next to nothing and am thinking about making a water feature, but MSE style.

Am considering -

1) Pot is brimful of water with a water spout in the middle, so water cascades over the side into a sump below the pot.

2) Have a chrome\stone ball sitting within the pot's mouth so water runs over the sphere and back into the pot, which is the water reservoir and has all the pump gubbins underneath the sphere.

I'm favouring option 2) but not the prices I'm seeing at t'web. Anyone with ideas?


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    I have an option 1. I bought a large terracotta vase (about 2 foot high), drilled a hole in the bottom, dug a bucket sized hole in the soil, lined it with some pond liner, laid re-enforcing rods crossed over the hole and cemented in, then laid large pebbles in cement as a circle around that. Once set, I filled the pool, put a cheap fountain pump inside, put an offcut of chicken wire over the top of the rods, placed the vase on top of the re-enforcing rods and covered the rods with loose pebbles to disguise. I then fed the fountain pump tube through the drilled hole in the bottom of the vase and switched on. The vase fills with water and slowly trickles down the side of the vase.

    It doesn't look much in this photo, but it is nice when it catches the light.


    In my old garden, I had a large glazed pot on my decking filled with a tiny waterlily and goldfish (who get taken indoors in winter). I simply put a cork in the bottom of it and it held the water in! It has to be emptied in winter though so it didn't freeze and crack. Cheap as you like though and much admired.
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
  • great idea, using a solar pump might make it a bit easier and cheaper to run.
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