Aldi fruit plants

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Aldi have a deal coming up next week for soft fruit plants.

Are these a good buy?
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    They are if they survive. Seems pot luck with some. We bought a triple plant gooseberries, raspberries and blackberries.

    Planted in a pot and nothing for 2 years, Transplanted to a corner in the garden and it grew, Raspberries took off with a few
    for some pies but tons this year. Some branches grew which turned out to be giant blackberries got a few this year.
    But no gooseberries at all.

    Bought 4 trees from LIDL last year 3 are alive but the 4th one is dead.

    I think soil type & conditions have a big affect but im a plant it and see type person. For £1.99 worth a try.
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  • bought a 'Red Haven' Peach Tree back in Feb this yr and to my utter disappointment, the rootball was hardly anything at all. you could see that the main root was hacked too short and there were only a 3" few straggly finer roots attached. it didn't come into leaf until well into late april, way past it was due. the Homebase purchase of a 'Moor Park' Apricot Tree fared much better tho' and that came into leaf about 6 weeks after planting (both put in same day).

    Now both trees are flourishing (on the lotti) and have been fed and watered regularly since. So all in all, I think you would have to open up the plastic wrapping (carefully) and see what kind of state the roots are in. I shall be doing that on the Goji and Blueberry ones when I go in next week at Aldi!
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    I think i this is a very good price and if the plants look OK will be off to Aldi
    onThursday many thanks
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    Thanks from me too.., I'm just about ready to plant some soft fruits.
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    Ooh I am also looking to plant some fruit bushes and I have had some success buying cheap trees/plants before so will definitely will be giving the rasps and tayberries a shot...maybe the goosies too. Thanks for posting:D
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    Got to be worth a couple of quid, i'll try and get there early for some grapes; figs and a kiwi.
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  • norty me.. i bought the goji and blueberry plants and they're still not planted out yet. i found out that goji takes a long time to fruit and also, they're rather straggly after a while (as in wild) so i'm not hoping ill get anything for a long time with that. the blueberry one will need to be potted up in an ericaceous soil but as usual, i've been so busy with work and working on the lotti, i haven't found the time to sort this one out yet. it's still watered with rainwater and it's faring ok. eventually, i'll buy a big pot (has wilko's reduced any of their biggest pots yet? i've not noticed anything this season)

    how's everyones' plants doing, btw?

    PS. i was rather surprised to find the plants v. small but for £1.49, we can't complain, can we?!
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    eventually, i'll buy a big pot (has wilko's reduced any of their biggest pots yet? i've not noticed anything this season)

    My local one has, but not many left. Were 50% off, but may be down to 75% by now as they need space for Christmas / Halloween / Guy Fawkes / New year / Easter / Mothering Sunday etc :mad:
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    We've bought fruit trees from both Lidl and Aldi,some have lived and some haven't.
    Soft fruit bushes are probably ok.I've bought them half dead and they've still been ok.
    On our allotment the last few years I've just pushed the prunings of blackcurrant,redcurrant and gooseberries into a spare patch and if you give them a year they root well.I have 6 blackcurrant bushes from 1 parent and loads of free plants for friends.Which shows that generally these types of plants are pretty robust and unless they are stone dead, should come up in the spring.Raspberries are the same in fact from 5 canes-which looked like dead twigs 5 years on I have so many I dig them out every Feb and dozens of lottie friends have plants,they are Autumn Bliss which is lovely and so much easier than summer fruiting varieties which are a fad to prune.
    Sorry folks I've been wittering on...:rotfl:
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