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    Hi, My dilemma is this , I live in a privately rented house but the bills are in my name, so the landlord has no problem with me changing the meter at the moment it is on Ecotricity prepay,
    I am paying roughly £20 for gas and £15 per week on elec, but a lot of the shops around my area are having problems with their prepay machines, the other week I tried 4 different shops and all said their terminals weren't working in the end I has to walk a 4 mile round trip and the house was nearly out of electricity when I returned home .
    So what I want to do is change to the cheapest tariff and have a monthly or quarterly bill on DD,
    I phoned Ecotricity yesterday and they said I can change to a credit meter free of charge for both of them, but want I want to know would it be cheaper and better to just go on a quarterly bill as Ecotricity said their prepay is the same tariff as the credit meters, I just want to get my bills down as I am paying nearly £1300 a year.
    Also if they take their prepay meters away will they have to install new meters that are non credit meters to go on a DD bill tariff?

    Regards and many thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my message.


    I suggest once you have the credit meters installed, you consult a comparison site to find the best deal for you.

    Don't forget to look into the possibility of separate suppliers too, as that can often save people a few quid too currently.
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    Hi need some help hope someone can help me ?

    on pay as you go with British Gas for both elecirtc and gas and have an economy 7 meter
    i want to get a smart meter and called British gas who said they will swap me to a standard meter and the standard rate then i can get a smart meter.
    i was also looking at ovo energy but you seem to pay more for their electric than gas.
    we spend round £1000 per year for gas and £1000 per year for electirc
    (don't want to go on monthy payments)
    not ever swap before so any help would be great ? as not sure what to do
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