£20 off £40 spend at TESCO for CROWDITY customers that signed up to the Ocado deal!!



  • bettyboo333
    bettyboo333 Forumite Posts: 857
    I've been Money Tipped!
    Thank you so much for this my voucher was there waiting for me...had already made a online grocery order to be delivered on the 4th went via topcashback to get £11 back added this code for £20 off therefore paying £33 pounds for £50 worth of shopping and if the cashback goes to payable will have only paid £22!!!! yipeeeee thank you so much xxx
  • happylilly
    happylilly Forumite Posts: 296 Forumite
    georgette wrote: »
    Hmm, I was one of those who signed up for the original Ocado offer and unfortunately wasn't able to use it in time before it was pulled. I've logged into my Crowdity account, but no Tesco voucher is there; just details of the Ocado offer which has of course expired. I have emailed Crowdity...

    Same here, no voucher for me. Will email them, too.
  • Pegjes44
    Pegjes44 Forumite Posts: 371 Forumite
    Thanks, totally forget about it, checked my account and got one voucher...
  • nainoo
    nainoo Forumite Posts: 4,730
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    Addy wrote: »
    Baaah! I deleted my Crowdity account in sheer disgust after the Ocado fiasco!

    ME TOO! lol
  • crissriz
    crissriz Forumite Posts: 39 Forumite
    happylilly wrote: »
    Same here, no voucher for me. Will email them, too.

    I am in the same situation, but I guess this is because I ordered online at Tesco.com a few years ago and I am not eligible to receive this offer, as this is stated in the terms and conditions. :(
  • Firstwatch
    Firstwatch Forumite Posts: 282 Forumite
    Many Thanks OP...anything that saves me money at this time of year to do fun stuff is great....got the Ocado offer in time, now got the Tesco offer, getting on the motorway to my Mum's in an hour,just phoned to see what she needed and now got a delivery for tomorrow morning....I love this site, that £40+ of food shopping free over the last two months!
  • karlie88
    karlie88 Forumite Posts: 9,112
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    i have just logged into my account and there is no voucher there for me. :(

    if anyone has a tesco code going spare, then i would very much appreciate a PM. :)

    thank you for reading my post.
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  • Publicdomain
    Publicdomain Forumite Posts: 53 Forumite
    Thanks OP I got the Ocado offer and the Tesco one is sat in my vouchers Happy Days :-)
  • georgette
    georgette Forumite Posts: 124 Forumite
    Following my earlier post, here is the email I received from Crowdity:

    This voucher code is only available to those who took up the Ocado voucher but did not unsubscribe to Crowdity.com.

    I have managed to bend the rules for you and get an extra code for the Tesco offer if you would like it. I have put the code in your Crowdity account.

    We only had a couple left over so you have been very lucky and I hope you will enjoy using the voucher

    Please sign up again to Crowdity.com and see what future offer we have on the website

    Kind regards
    Operations Director

    Hmm, that's interesting! Especially as the voucher T&C then states:

    Offer applies only to users who signed up to the Ocado grocery promotion in June 2011 and still have an account with Crowdity.

    Nothing about unsubscribing to be said there!

    I am a bit wary of this company, but I will use the voucher (once payday arrives!) and let you all know how I get on...
  • butler_helen
    butler_helen Forumite Posts: 1,866
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker I've been Money Tipped!
    thank you very very much Op, I needed razor blades but couldn't find a bargain and now I have :)
    If you aim for the moon if you miss at least you will land among the stars!
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