Stoozing a Professional and Career Development Loan


A bit of advice required on the most productive stoozing method for my upcoming studies. I've worked a few things out but don't want to miss a trick!

I am due to start a postgraduate course in Sept with tuition fees of £5.5k.

As a slow stoozer (no egg card), I've been looking at the best way to pay this.

The fees can be paid in two installments in Oct and Feb, and I believe credit cards can be used.

I can't get a student loan as this is my second degree, but I can get a Professional and Career Development Loan (PCDL). This can cover 80% of fees (so £4,400ish) and living costs, which just need to be justifiable based on the shortfall from my wage (I will be reducing my hours) The government pays the interest on this for the course duration, and one month after, and then the repayment is 9.9% over a chosen term from 1-5 years.

Sadly there is limited scope for stoozing on the fees part of the PCDL, as this is paid to the University in installments, so I don't see the cash. However, the living costs part is given to me in a lump sum at the start of the course.

In my mind, the best approach may be:

Don't apply for loan for the tuition fees as I will get stuck paying interest at the end of the course, even if I move the debt to a cheaper loan.

Apply for a loan for living costs, the most I can justify, and stooze this for the duration of the course. (As recommended in the PCDL article on the site)

Pay the tuition fees via a 0% spending credit card in the two installments, balance transfer this amount at the end of the term if necessary.

At the end of the course, pay back the loan amount for the living costs in full without incurring any interest, and pocket the interest from the savings.

My thinking is that all my debt stays at 0% and even balance transfer fees once ever year or 18 months at 3% are cheaper than a loan at 8%.

I do have the savings to cover the fees if the CC company wanted it paying off in full for any reason.

Let me know what you think, is there an easier way to use the loan for the tuition fees too, but somehow get the debt to a 0% rate when the interest kicks in? Have a made an error somewhere? The only thing I pay debit interest on is my Mortgage and I want to keep it that way!
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