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Thief on the allotment

tallyhoh Posts: 2,305 Forumite
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Somone has been helping themselves to our stuff. I think they are hoping its not noticable as they just take a couple of potato plants or a cauli, they even have the cheek to trim them & drop the leaves in our compost bins.:mad:

Any ideas on how to catch them?
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  • nearlyrich
    nearlyrich Posts: 13,698 Forumite
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    tallyhoh wrote: »
    Any ideas on how to catch them?

    No idea about catching them but it makes me sad that people steal from allotments... I would put a big notice up saying experimental plants genetically modified not for human consumption.

    1 would give person who nicked stuff sleepless nights wondering what they had done

    2 might out them off nicking more
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  • Yorkie1
    Yorkie1 Posts: 11,567 Forumite
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    Apart from waiting for them, report it to the local police and ask them to do regular patrols to try to deter them.

    Don't start putting traps or the like on your plot or you will be liable for any injury caused
  • ceridwen
    ceridwen Posts: 11,547 Forumite
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    Actually - as someone who is basically VERY "harsh" on thieves .....the fact that they are only taking one or two things and putting the "trimmings" in the compost heap indicates (to me at any rate) that they arent someone who is a Thief (all shame be upon them) per se - but someone with some degree of "awareness" iyswim.

    I think different tactics for "dealing with" are merited - according to whether they are obviously A Thief (and Lowest of Low per se in my book) or have only taken the odd one or two and demonstrated some level of "awareness" in the process.

    They shouldnt be doing it - either way - obviously. But I think the "tactics" to deal with them need adapting according to whether they are A Thief per se or things seem to be "a bit different" (ie as in your case from what you say).

    Personally - I'd be "hanging out in the area" a bit surreptitiously to investigate exactly what is happening a bit further on this one....and wouldnt be able to decide whether it would be usual "They're a Thief - so Action Big Time is called for" or summat halfway between "Normal" and "Thief per se" on the other hand.

    So - my suggestion - is to keep a very close weather eye out and see if you can "catch the person in the act" before deciding exactly what particular way to deal with this in this particular case. My suspicion is that, in this instance, the person concerned is someone who is basically honest/decent - but rather desperate for reasons that arent their fault.
  • lawrie28
    lawrie28 Posts: 2,666 Forumite
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    Sounds like it is someone else on the allotments?

    I would put a sign on your allotments saying

    1/ Can the person pinching your veg either stop, or leave payment for the goods in the plant pot below. Cauli's £1.50 ea. Potaoes £1 per pound etc.

    2/ Following extensive research and family connections, I will be using Fresh Horse Urine as an experimental pesticide.
  • Patchwork_Quilt
    Speak to other allotment holders. Some may have seen a person on your allotment and assumed they were meant to be there. Put up a note and say you would rather they didn't steal your potatoes as you are depending on them. Get a lock and improve the fencing, if you are allowed. There must also be an allotment committee somewhere. Get in contact and report the thefts. They may be able to ask for a grant for better fencing around the whole site.

    Good luck. This is a horrible thing to do when you have put so much effort into your allotment and I just hope it is someone who is desperate but feeling guilty rather than someone who thinks that you're not going to notice.
  • Oog
    Oog Posts: 116 Forumite
    I found out all my peas were gone this week. :-(
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  • Jojo_the_Tightfisted
    Put a sign up;

    Human manure trial - please wash your hands before leaving plot.

    and put a little bit of pee just where they would stand.
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    colinw wrote: »
    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • a1cat
    a1cat Posts: 1,355 Forumite
    Probably one our European cousins wanting some veg to go with the roast swan :D
  • angelavdavis
    angelavdavis Posts: 4,714 Forumite
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    I would definitely start watering the plot with comfrey or nettle brew so it stinks :D
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  • yorkieorchid
    yorkieorchid Posts: 446 Forumite
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    Could it be family or a friend of your neighbouring plot holders? I arrived at my plot one day to find an elderly couple helping themselves to my strawberrys, they had mistakenly thought it was their sisters plot who had told them to help themselves to anything from her plot. They had got the wrong plot, bless em! Quite funny actually.
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