Rubber Chicken

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This is a popular term in the USA, and this is what we have been eating since Sunday. Its called rubber chicken because it s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s over 3 days!

Sunday - chicken cooked in the slow cooker with vegetables and roast potatoes, teatime - chicken sandwiches

Monday - Pasta bake using some of the chicken meat

Tuesday (today) chicken noodle soup which is in the slow cooker at the moment, using stock made from the bones, and the meat left over.

The chicken cost 3 quid :)

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I have done reading too!
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    Glad I'm not the only one eating chicken for days!
    We had roast on Sunday, then pasta bake yesterday, son has had chicken and pasta for lunch and we are having chicken quesadillas for tea (new recipe to try from Jamie Oliver book)! Sure there will still be some left so possibly freeze or sandwiches tomorrow!

    Cluck cluck do I look like a chicken now???
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    i made a chicken last for 5+ meals last week - started off with a roast (only put legs/wings brown meat out on the table

    then made a pie with the leftovers from the brown meat (froze this)

    made a curry with one breast

    boiled the bones up to make stock/soup

    then shredded the last chicken breast for sandwiches, which i thought was a bit of a decadent way of using a breast, when really it could have made a proper meal, but hey, gotta live a little sometimes

    and i still have some stock left to make more soup with

    all this from a £3.99 chicken

    i wont tell you how far my rib of beef is going this week lol
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    I posted on the slow cooker thread about my rubber chicken last week which ended up making 3 meals plus enough to keep me in soup and sandwiches over the weekend, using the rest of the HM focaccia bread ... all from a £3 chicken :D
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    Had roast chicken on Saturday, am on day 3 of the soup from the carcas, have got chicken pasta bake tonight & chicken potato bake next weekend., all from a small chicken Unfortuantely I have just read today's Daily Mail center spread about chicken factories & feel very very sick. Don't read it if you're palnning on having chicken again.....ever!!
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    Maybe you should try "rubber ham shank" instead.

    I got one of these for £1.30 in market- made soup, then sliced meat and had for lunch (swore it was gammon)- leftovers made a couple of sandwiches and today I made a flan with the last little bit.
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  • How much meat do you have as a portion? Can't be much! My husband and I managed to eat a chicken between us over 2 days and thought we were doing well. (1 roast dinner and sandwhiches for lunch) Do I just buy mega small chickens or are we big fat puddins'...?
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    a 2.6 kg chicken will feed my family of 2 adults and 2 kids for 6 meals

    we start with the roast, kids get a drumstick each, me and dh, have a wing, and some brown meat

    next day, there is enough brown meat left over to make a pie

    one breast is enough to make a curry with

    the other breast, again should get a meal of some sorts from, either sweet and sour, another pie, stir fry, etc.

    the carcus when boiled up makes at least 4pints of stock (more depending on how much you water it down) - add, pulses, pasta, veg, etc. you have enough soup to last for 2 meals

    usually i aim for about 4oz of meat per person, if using it as the main part of a meal - if putting in pies, etc. you can bulk those out with veg, and prob only use 4oz of meat per pie
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    The guidelines for healthy eating are a piece of mest the size of a deck of cards, so 4oz is about right. My chicken was a standard size chicken.
    Member no.1 of the 'I'm not in a clique' group :rotfl:
    I have done reading too!
    To avoid all evil, to do good,
    to purify the mind- that is the
    teaching of the Buddhas.
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    If I tried to feed Mr TM that amount of meat, there'd be a riot. Not saying that he doesn't eat too much, just that he has what he calls a 'healthy' appetite!
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    we had roast yesterday,stew today with veg and barley(and hunks of bread) and tomorrow will be pizza(with pineapple).The carcass will go to join the others in the freezer till there are 3 or 4 then itll be soup.We sometimes have chicken bolognaise or chicken risotto just for a change.My son cant stand curry so we dont have that much.
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