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MSE News: Consumers warned over doorstep traders this summer



  • marywooyeah
    marywooyeah Forumite Posts: 2,656
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    I had some doorstep knockers this 8am! they were banging really loudly several times. I just ignored them but they were going up and down the road I could hear them saying to each other you take these five I'll do those.
    how can they go out so early? most people on my street are elderly too.
  • Paulgonnabedebtfree
    Paulgonnabedebtfree Forumite Posts: 2,740 Forumite
    texranger wrote: »
    well the way i look at it.

    If i want my gutters or roof mended I WILL CALL A ROOFER
    If i want my garden sorted I WILL CALL A GARDENER
    If i want my windows cleaned I WILL CALL A WINDOW CLEANER
    If i want my windows changed I WILL CALL A DOUBLE GLAZING FIRM
    If i want to change gas/electic supplier I WILL CALL AN ENEGY SUPPLIER

    so If i need anything doing guess what


    I do appreciate that sentiment. I really do.
    I won't address the other trades but, as a window cleaner, I will focus on that bit.
    The (perfectly reasonable) stance you have taken in your post could cause problems with new businesses starting up.
    To call a window cleaner, it would have to be one who is already established. Perhaps one who is known to one of your neighbours. Perhaps one you see working. Maybe you would prefer to find one in yellow pages or some other directory (either paper or online). What all three have in common is that they have already started their business as it would be very unlikely that someone would advertise before they have started up (though it's not unheard of).

    Now imagine for a moment if EVERY person who wanted a window cleaner only went for an already established business. It would mean that there would never be any new startups. Window cleaners would gradually become fewer in number. By the law of supply and demand, the amount you pay to have your windows cleaned would go up far faster than inflation.

    All anyone needs to do really is to put a "no canvassers" sticker on their front door. If they don't want the leaflets, put a sticker up for that too. I never ignore such stickers though I imagine some do.

    So you see, if I knock on your door and offer to supply a regular window cleaning service, I'm really doing you a favour because the more window cleaners there are, the less you will pay :D
  • flexrider
    flexrider Forumite Posts: 745 Forumite
    edited 21 July 2011 at 10:24PM
    I'm sorry that if I point out obvious truths that you're left feeling that way.

    I think you will find it's not a thinly veiled dig at immigration (being an immigrant, am I allowed to do that anyway?) but a no veiled dig at government totalitarianism. I should have thought that was pretty obvious.

    If you think that genuine examples of totalitarianism and social engineering are paranoia, I would like to remind you that we're still looking for the "45 minute weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq.

    I suppose you're still clinging to the belief the government was telling the truth about that and expect to find them any day now?

    hmm, Still trying to work out !!!!!! this comment has to do with doorstep salesman knoocking on jo blow's house in the the U.k

    Enlighten me please?

    As for people doing it i do not see how this will be banned since Big companies employ people to research and market customer options i can understand the 'odd sales guy trying his hand being my self from a time in my area growing up we used to get one a week trying selling Kirby Cleaners to timeshares haha! But alot of sales people knock on doors to fill in questionares or market research which is a massive business in the uk

    would this be included in this also?
    "MSE Money saving challenges..8/12/13 3,500 saved so far :j" p.s if i been helpfully please leave me a thank you but seek official advice at all times from a pro
  • mo786uk
    mo786uk Forumite Posts: 1,379 Forumite
    It is unlikely cold calling owuld ever be banned anyway because

    1) it would be hard to regulate and enforce
    2) it would be seen a restricting trade - which is not needed right now from the Govts point of view.

    I imagine the public would broadly support a ban though.
  • rickbonar
    rickbonar Posts: 448 Forumite
    mo786uk wrote: »
    It is unlikely cold calling owuld ever be banned anyway because

    1) it would be hard to regulate and enforce
    2) it would be seen a restricting trade - which is not needed right now from the Govts point of view.

    I imagine the public would broadly support a ban though.

    Not everyone minds door to door salesmen which is fine...

    However if a tenant or householder does not want junk mail or advertising or cold callers and puts up a sign asking this then this should be honoured ..... by law!

    Perhaps enforced by a fine of say £100 doubling each time the person organisation or company reps offend. And could be proven by a covert cctv recording device above the front door.

    I'm sure the Police and courts would be happy for the revenue generated.
  • gezzs
    gezzs Forumite Posts: 35 Forumite
    I've been disturbed by Anglian Windows SEVEN times since February - despite phoning and writing to complain. I do have a sign buy the door requesting them not to knock - which they admit seeing...and ignoring.

    My patience expired last week so I contacted Consumer Rights for advice. The very helpful lady gave me some sentences to use in a letter requesting them not to return.

    I've made this into a template which I thought I'd share if anyone's interested:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulation 2008: Request NOT To Return

    On <date>, your representative knocked on my door, despite me having a sign requesting not to. As this is unwanted contact I request representatives from your Company DO NOT return.

    I understand it is a banned practice under Schedule 1, Paragraph 25 of the above act, for you to ignore my request. Any further cold calling will be reported to Trading Standards.

    Yours faithfully,

    Your Name
  • rickbonar
    rickbonar Posts: 448 Forumite
    Yes but can it be enforced and if so do other sellers come under the same?

    I sincerely hope it can btw....
  • mo786uk wrote: »
    It is unlikely cold calling owuld ever be banned anyway because
    I don't think it can be because it would be unlawful to stop somebody earning an honest income.

    Also if you have signs up saying no tradesmen then you have removed any "implied right of access" so any tradesman would be immediately trespassing if they enter upon your property. If you have a trespasser on your property you can legitimately call the police. This is common sense to most people.

    But so many people these days are so stupid that they need silly statutes to protect them from themselves and their epic lack of common sense.
  • rickbonar
    rickbonar Posts: 448 Forumite
    There is a difference between earning an honest living and harassing people that don't want to be bothered - just see the post about Anglin windows.

    As someone else pointed out here if they require double glazing, religeous of political information etc. ... it is down to the customer to seek out this and not have their stipulated rule of no hawkers ignored.

    Honest living is an open invitation to thieves conmen burglars.
  • rickbonar wrote: »
    Honest living is an open invitation to thieves conmen burglars.
    You've been well programmed :rotfl:

    An honest trader would (and should) respect customers signs. As mentioned if the implied right of access is revoked then the trader is immediately trespassing and if you were a responsible person you should point this out to a trader so the honest ones would respect that. Simples.
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