MSE News: Cheques will NOT be axed after U-turn



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    IceQueen wrote: »
    Thank goodness this is still a free country and that if people want to continue to use cheques they will be able to do so, despite the protests of a few whingers.

    Yes it is still a free country.
    That also gives the banks the right to charge for the service or to decide not to offer it.
    You are of course free to avail yourself of the service as long as you pay the required fees and as long as it is offered to you.
  • IceQueen wrote: »
    Paul, I think you’ve missed the point here. Unless the winner is willing to give his or her bank account details the only way the charity can pay the winnings is to issue a cheque. The bank account details on the cheque would be the charity’s not the winners, as would be the signature. Tabby cats mum is therefore perfectly correct.

    Take away cheques and charities will suffer real hardship.

    Indeed. I plead guilty to skim reading.
    Soz :D
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