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"A claims handling company that cold called people under the name 'Money Claiming Experts' has lost a High Court battle for infringing the “Money Saving Expert" trademark."
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    Well done Martin :beer:
    The one and only "Dizzy Di" :D
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    Nice to see a common sense judgement and also Martin taking a stand on an issue that did pop up on these forums in the past. Well done.
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    The claimant is not an expert at complying with Court orders

    He could have got advice on here :D
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    Yes it sounds like the judge was kind to him:
    At the outset there was a dispute as to the material by reference to which I should determine the applications. The claimant is not an expert at complying with Court orders and on 2 June 2011 (less than a week before the hearing) served evidence which was either late or for which he had no permission. CCL, however, rejected the offer of an adjournment, and said that I must decide either to admit or entirely to exclude this evidence. Having ascertained what material CCL would have wished to adduce in response to this late evidence, and that it was in fact available in court in the form of CD recordings, I decided to admit the evidence and to give permission to CCL to introduce that additional material.
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    That's great news. It's a shame, as MSE has become more successful and well known, there have inevitably been more people trying to misuse its name, claiming to represent or to have been recommended by the site. Hopefully this judgement will come as a warning to others.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Well done Martin on donating any damages to a great cause. Hope it's lot and lots of pennies.

    The greatest site around, MSE - :money:

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    You have to protect yourself Martin and the good name of the website Money Saving Expert but I fear this wont be the last so sue big style to protect consumers from these SHARKS
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    :beer::beer::beer: I am sure I echoe the thoughts of the entire MSE Community in being glad that MSE was upheld by the Law and it's good name now has also has justified legal clout as well.
    Keep up the good work:money::money::A:A
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  • Hi,

    I got a call from these people claiming to be Money Saving Experts - this was on Thursday. In the end, the guy did say he was calling from an diffrent company - and that it was just a trading name.

    I hope this puts an end to it!!
    Thank you all for helping me make my day by saving money!
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