suing banks re switch over nightmare?

iIrecently decided to swtich bank accounts then changed my mind. I called the bank shortly after to stop the switch they said they would and I received a letter saying the swicth had been cancelled.
Next thing I know my rent has not been paid, all my direct debits were wiped and I am now in the process of apologising to my landlord (landlord may incur a charge becuase of this) and trying to sort out a huge mess.
This is stressful, draining and could result in my incurring charges. This is hard enough for anyone but I am disabled and finding it very hard.
My question is is there a way I can be compensated for the banks error or sue them. If so how do I go about it?
Any help would be apreciated thanks


  • Write and complain and ask to be compensated for
    a) Any charges incurred as a result
    b) any lost interest as a result
    c) additional monies as a 'goodwill gesture' - but make this reasonable, not greedy
    Before you ask, yes, I work for a bank, but no, I didn't get a bonus!
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