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My mums best friend has died suddenly, obviously we both want to send flowers but dont want wreaths,as i understand they are from the family. What would be the correct thing to order for the funeral ? Many thanks.


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    Not every family wants flowers from everyone at the funeral, some state family flowers only and ask for donations to a charity instead.
    I would check with the family which they would prefer, or if you know which funeral directors they are using you could check with them.
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    I agree, check with the family first or wait until the announcement is in the local paper and that will tell you.

    If they do want flowers there is nothing wrong with sending a wreath - but honestly just go the your local florist and ask to see their range. If you don't have a usual one you use, ask around. They are experts in dealing with this stuff discreetly, so don't feel silly asking for help.

    We didn't have a wreath for my dad, we had an arrangement that covered the length of the coffin. That's far more 'popular' than wreaths these days.

    I'm very sorry for your loss.
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    As previously said, check with the funeral director.

    If flowers are allowed find out what type of funeral they are having. Cremation (flowers will be left outside the crematorium then may be donated to a nursing home at family request. In which case longer stem flowers would be suitable so that the home can transfer tham into vases.)

    Burial (maybe an arrangement in there own water, as this weather they will not last long)

    Green burial (If its a green burial perhaps some bulbs instead of flowers to come every year).
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    Purple is traditional funeral colour, as are lilies. They do traditional bouquet shapes and cushions, your local florist will have a book with funeral flowers, many of which are not wreaths, although I don't think there is a rule stating they are just for family.

    But as posted above, check with the undertaker that the family do actually want flowers first.
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    The Interflora range of funeral flowers may give you an idea of what you'd like to order - you can find it here.
  • So sorry for your loss :( I agree with all mentioned above, for DHs grandads cremation(only immediate family sent floral tributes, everyone else donated to a charity) we sent a hand tied posy like this, it was a lot simpler than I imagined tbh but that might be because everything was done through the funeral director, we got a posy as they could be put into a vase when sent to GILs nursing home for the other residents to enjoy:)
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    I agree with everything said so far, but just a thought to add. The residential home my mum was in was reluctant to accept flowers from funerals unless they were really bright and cheerful as the staff said the residents didn't need reminding of death. Fair point. Another reason why a donation to charity is often favoured.
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    Donations are in lieu of flowers so unless you think your Mum is the closest person to her friend, sometimes a best friend is, then I would go with a donation in memory.
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    Wreaths are quite expensive, ask for a single ended oasis spray. They are probably the most common item sent to funerals or you could just send a FFC (Funeral Flowers in Cello). Don't worry about them not lasting on the grave either, the rabbots get there first this time of year anyway!
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