Here we go

I used the links provided in money saving expert.

And here are my savings

Car insurance was £269.39 with the AA now its £150.23 with the halifax thats £119.16 savings over the year. Did all the paper work over the internet very easy.

Accident, sickness & unemployment cover for my mortgage. here too are my savings.

Was covered through my mortgage company who set it up for me, it covered £320.00 per month and cost me £15.01 per month. My new payments are :-

£18.57 per month covering me for £440.00 per month with better cover.
My old insurer wanted around £24.54 per month to cover £440.00.

Makes a total saving of £71.64 per year. but also remember that is with better cover.
Also done over the internet, the forms were sent via e'mail i printed them out and sent them back. Very easy. ;D ;D

Still waiting for my life insurance which covers my mortgage to come through, but again mortgage company quoted me nearly £17.00 per mouth, new payments £12.36 per month. over twenty years thats about £1113.00 savings. ;D ;D

My contents insurance are next to get the money saving expert treatment.
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