broadband for 6 months

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hi i will be away from home during the week days for 6 months
the accomodation has a bt line
is there a broadband service i can have which does let me use it for 6 months only


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    Plusnet I believe and Zen have monthly contracts available.
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    just had a chat with plusnet want 159£ total for 6 months as i will have to pay an activation fees and for router that seems very expensive ie 26£ pm
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    You can supply your own router, a tenner or less on eBay.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
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    will mobile broadband be any good for my situation
  • Coverage varies. You can put your postcode into each of the sites and see what they say. Chances are at least one will work, though on PAYG you'll probably have to pay £30+ for the modem+1GB of data anyway upfront. But, you can usually take it back (quickly) if it proves not to work out - do check that.

    As long as you don't want to watch lots of BBC iPlayer and the coverage is good, then 3G can be a good option. If you do use lots of data - as an example Three charge £25 per 7GB which is about 6 movies.

    £26pm is quite cheap for ADSL broadband - bear in mind (assumption here!) that includes the £12 or so per month just to rent the line. Zen may well also want another £85 on top of that to connect the line. If you want short contracts you do pay the price - all the providers are keen to get you on longer terms. Whichever, there may also be another £25 fee at the end of the 6 months to stop the service - check whether Plusnet included that.
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