Pay Yourself a Christmas Bonus!

Hi everyone,

Would anyone like to join me and Pay yourself a Christmas Bonus this December?!!:j

This started when I joined the £365 in 365 days challenge a couple of weeks ago. I decided to put £2.50 a day away for something special.

I realised that although some companies pay a Christmas bonus a lot don't........including mine! So i thought I'd pay myself one instead. I intend to pay the proceeds into my current account on my December payday....whoop whoop!

You decide on the size of the Christmas Bonus you'd like, and then work out how much you would like to put aside on a regular basis -daily, weekly, monthly whatever you like, to achieve it. it's also up to you whether you want to "Pay Yourself" on Ist Dec, your December Payday, or Ist Jan for the sales........:beer:
Perhaps you'd like to use it for a holiday:cool:

I'm going to use it to boost the funds in my c/a because we get paid early in December, then have a long wait til the end of Jan.

Let's avoid getting into more debt over Christmas and have some fun!!

Add your targets and totals to your signatures:money:

Hummingbird x
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  • ShAnE
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    For those wanting to know there are 182 more days til Christmas or 26 weeks.
    I'll be back later, as this sounds like a great idea too me.
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  • svb53
    svb53 Posts: 214 Forumite
    Me please! I need some motivation and this should do nicely. I'll aim for £10 per week for now but might be able to up it a bit nearer the time. Great idea, off to update my signature now.
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  • This sounds like a good idea...

    How much to pay myself though, that is the question! :p

    I think I'll aim for £250 - which is about £1.30 a day!

    Are you saving it in cash in the house or online?

    Thanks hummingbird! :)
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  • hummingbird
    hummingbird Posts: 1,522 Forumite
    I've got mine in a tin at the moment but think I'll transfer it into a savings a/c as the amount gets bigger - for safekeeping!

    You can save it where you like - or directly off a debt if that suits you better! :money:
    £10 a day extra in May '18[B]£35/310[
    Virtual Sealed Pot 2018 £500/£2500 = 20%
    You can find my diary here:
  • Tebheag
    Tebheag Posts: 382 Forumite
    Hi humminbird mind if i join please this sounds great I am self employed so dont even get holidays never mind a bonus. will update my sig when decided what I am going to go for.
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  • laura2481
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    I'd like to join please- aiming for £364 which is the equivelent of £2 per day, which I will use for christmas presents :)
  • Emzilla
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    Great idea Hummingbird. I really need to save some for Christmas presents so would love to join please. I'm going to aim for £300 and anything left over can be mine to spend on me!! :D

    Emz xx

    ETA - already off the mark with £3 from my change jar.
  • Arctic_Sky
    Arctic_Sky Posts: 33 Forumite
    What an absolutely AWESOME idea!

    I'm in :D - going to save £7.50 a week into my ING savings account - gods know what for, yet! No time like the present I suppose :T

    Happy saving one and all!
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  • hummingbird
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    Welcome to everyone who has joined the thread :wave: We are going to have a great Christmas this year, and our December payday will be a day to celebrate:beer:

    Congratulations Laura on your wedding:heart2:
    £10 a day extra in May '18[B]£35/310[
    Virtual Sealed Pot 2018 £500/£2500 = 20%
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  • karen_is_trying
    karen_is_trying Posts: 143 Forumite
    edited 26 June 2011 at 9:37PM
    OOOOOOOO can i join this one please it will be lush to have a splurge guilty free in the sales xx

    Think im going to aim for a pound a day on this one i dont know how many days til dec 16th but il aim for then ...
    1414-sealed pot challenge :j157-virtual sealed pot challenge:) £10.23..
    £175.73/£280 october grocery challenge:eek: 3/15 NSD October ;)
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