Travel insurance while posted abroad

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We took out travel insurance by upgrading our bank account last year (after the volcano etc) mainly to cover our flights whilst travelling back to the UK to make sure we were covered for any cancellations or loss of luggage etc.

We are in Cyprus and are considering a trip to the North, so I rang the insurance to check that we were covered, being unable to find any sort of information pack relating to the insurance. They then tell me that as I am not resident in the UK we cannot be insured.

However for the last 12 months the bank have been taking £10 a month for our upgraded account which includes the travel insurance. The bank account registered address is our BFPO address, so they know full well where we live, and when I took out the upgrade I checked at the time whether we would be covered as we had tried unsuccessfully to get insurance with other UK companies, and was assured that we were.

Any advice on where to go from here? Was on the phone being passed from pillar to post yesterday for more than half an hour, and although we have an 'open complaint' they promised to ring us back twice and never did.

They have been happy to take our money for the last 12 months out of a bank account with our current address, and on no occasion have we been contacted to say that we would not be covered as we are not UK residents.

I feel we should be entitled to a refund of our premium as I feel we were mis sold the insurance.

Also, now we have no insurance, so any ideas on how we can get insured for our trip to the North.


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    Just an update, we have been refunded our premium and been given an extra payment for our inconvenience, so we are happy about that, but still need to find insurance for our trip.
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    When I was looking for insurance for flying my step-children back from Germany to see us, I was advised to use Naafi or similar - look in the local garrison/forces newsletter rather than trying UK-based companies who aren't interested.

    Enjoy the trip!
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