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Hello everyone
I just wanted to say Hi and A huge thanks to Martin and all of you guys for this FANTASTIC website!
I have just been diagnosed with ME (Yes - benefits check all done and sorted!) and have been feeling very useless for a while now. My incredible OH does everything around the house as at the moment I am spending most of my time in a wheelchair.
Then I found your site....
I am now a bargain hunting, money saving, income boosting, freebie grabbing addict!

Just today I have...
:TEarned 75p from completing a survey
:TSaved £19 (Including vouchers and cashback) on my weekly grocery bill from Tescos
OH laughed at me for changing the toilet rolls for a different offer because we got 2 extra rolls for the same price!:D
:TSaved £18 on the takeaway we had for tea as the Shopping isn't arriving til tomorrow! (Pizza Hut 2 for 1 deal)
:TSaved £18 on OH's new trainers as the dog has eaten his! (Sale items at Sportsdirect)
Signed up for/requested...
:T7 Freebie samples (I'll let you know what turns up!)
:T2 Free Cinema Tickets (With LoveFilm and I made a diary date to cancel before the 30 days!)
:TFree products to test and review at ClixResearch

AND I'm on day 4 of giving up smoking!

And tomorrow I'm going to take a look at comping! :rotfl:

Thank you so much to you all for making me feel useful again and having great fun while doing it. I've felt better in myself in the last few days than I have for a very long time, and I have vowed to my lovely hubby that we are NEVER paying full price for anything again!

Much Loves to you all!
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