MSE News: £500,000 fines for cold-calling

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    cepheus wrote: »
    However this is good news, I can frighten the hell out of UK cold callers now!!:eek:

    Having worked in a callcentre a while back I very much doubt you will frighten anyone, people that are full of threats and hate are just laughed off for the pathetic people they generally are.
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    Please does anyone know if you are using another line rental company like Primus or talktalk does registering with TSP give you caller display so you can monitor cold and nuisance calls? Are there any other companies that you can use to screen numbers of cold calls?
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    marshallka wrote: »
    I once called the MOJ about cold calls on PPI reclaiming and they told me that if I had ever signed anything that allowed my data to be passed around (which I doubt I have ever done) then they are not exactly cold calling.

    This is exactly my concern - I'm sure many of the spam calls/texts that most people receive are due to 'accidentally' being signed up to mailing lists. This is because the opt-in/opt-outs are written to confuse - for example:
    - Multiple clauses where one is a tick-box to opt in, another is a tick box to opt out
    - Overly 'wordy' clauses that need to be read three times to check whether you're opting in or opting out. There's often a paragraph of text when one or two lines would be far less opaque.

    There's an easy way to solve this though. Change the law so that such clauses are only opt in, and that the default (online) is that the box is not ticked. It doesn't matter how wordy the clauses are, you can't sign up unless you decide you want to. It would also incentivise the clauses to be written in clearer English, and to be more specific about exactly what you will receive, because Joe Public will only sign up if they're convinced that it will be a benefit.
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    Just got an automated cold call inviting me to be "fast-tracked" to an advisor who could get me thousands back through mis-sold PPI.

    I very nearly fast-tracked my handset out of the window, glad I didn't I would have had to fetch it back again.

    Stay away from these things peeps.
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    spikyone wrote: »
    This is exactly my concern - I'm sure many of the spam calls/texts that most people receive are due to 'accidentally' being signed up to mailing lists.
    I suppose the other option is to sign your phones up to the TPS. Then it doesn't really matter if they passed your details around - unless said company can demonstrate they have an existing business relationship, then they are not allowed to "cold call" that number.
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    the TPS does not work because it is a voluntary scheme that criminals and unscrupulous business do not adhere to.
    Ofcom and the ICO are little more than sham Authorities who will not act to protect the public.

    The current PPI cold calling nuisance

    these are some of the numbers

    08435406484 08435408392 08435408536 08435409159 08435440000

    they are used by a company called Interact Solutions Limited
    it's director is a certain Mr Greg Rudd

    in 2005 he had a company called Allied Telecommunications Limited
    it was involved in a multimillion pound premium rate fraud against the public.
    Icstis (PhonepayPlus) fined the nineteen companies involved £1.9m.
    needless to say the companies (if they had even existed) disappeared.
    Allied went into liquidation without paying the fine.
    to my knowledge Greg Rudd is not allowed premium rate numbers regulated by PhonepayPlus but he is allowed the lower revenue generating numbers regulated by Ofcom

    08435402300 08435402301 08435402302 08435402303 08435402304 08435402305 08435402306 08435402307 08435402308 08435402309 08435402310 08435402311 08435402312 08435402313 08435402314 08435402315 08435402316 08435402317 08435402318 08435402319 08435402320 08435402322 08435402323 08435402324 08435402325 08435402326 08435402327 08435402328 08435402329 08435402330 08435402331 08435402332 08435402333 08435402334 08435402335 08435402336 08435402337 08435402338 08435402340 08435402341 08435402342 08435402344 08435402346 08435402347 08435402348 08435402349 08435402350 08435402351 08435402352 08435402353 08435402354 08435402355 08435402356 08435402357 08435402358 08435402360 08435402362 08435402363 08435402364 08435402365 08435402366 08435402367 08435402369 08435402370 08435402371 08435402372 08435402373 08435402374 08435402375 08435402376 08435402377 08435402378 08435402380 08435402381 08435402382 08435402383 08435402384 08435402385 08435402386 08435402388 08435402389 08435402390 08435402391 08435402392 08435402393 08435402394 08435402395 08435402396 08435402397 08435402398 08435402399

    these numbers appear to be 'missed call' call back scams dressed up as marketing and the Networks are sharing in the revenue they are generating.
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    The ICO rarely exercise its powers under existing legislation. Why expect them to do anything under this new legislation?
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    Shouldn't these cold sales now stop?

    Since last Friday a tel number - 08450405921 keeps ringing!
    However,they do have another 0 on the front of the number but I taken off the first number and it seems its claiming company based in Mid Glamorgan to what I have found on Who's calling me website.
    First Claims Direct Ltd.

    Again like lots of people these days, I am registered with TPS, and have checked with them to make sure my tel number is still covered, and I am also ex directory.

    A flipping nuisance!
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    I am getting recorded telephone calls to my home phone and they even leave their recorded message on my voicemail!

    I am too scared to press any keys like '9' (supposedly stops them calling you again) incase they can get access to your line and scam you!!

    Bt say they can't do anything, TPS only deal with voice calls, ICO looks like they don't want to know as an overwhelming array of information.

    Suppose to be illegal to contact me BUT feel like it'll be dogs rollocks of a law.
  • I just tell them I will go look for the person they need to speak to, play them some music then say sorry I can not find them.
    They never call back
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