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MSE News: Crunch time for Olympic ticket payments

This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Fans who applied for tickets for next year's Olympics have been told most payments will be taken by next week ..."


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    Fruit_and_Nut_CaseFruit_and_Nut_Case Forumite
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    MSE wrote:
    ...very few bidders have reported having had money debited yet.
    "Very few" = "Zero" as far as I can tell from searching the news. :(
    BBC_News wrote:
    The payment process had been due to begin on 10 May, but so far no cards had been debited.
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  • Retro_BunnyRetro_Bunny Forumite
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    Nothing from my account yet, meaning £'000s sitting there at 0.5% interest for the time being...
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  • Former_MSE_GuyFormer_MSE_Guy Former MSE
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    Originally Posted by BBC News
    The payment process had been due to begin on 10 May, but so far no cards had been debited.

    This was changed to 16 May
  • iceage3iceage3 Forumite
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    i think everyone should check there credit cards frauds to easy now.
  • jamesdjamesd Forumite
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    You have to admire the timing: the last few days of the month, when people are most likely to be short of money in their accounts.
  • squidworthsquidworth Forumite
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    On the standard email i received today it clearly states that if payment cannot be made they will contact you to give you a chance to make alternative payment... which to me means if you haven't got the funds in the right account you have a chance to move it around and won't automatically lose the tickets, which is a big relief!

    As annoying as it was not to be told this in the first place, I can kinda understand in order to stop possible speculation (allowing an order to be declined and then deciding if you want it or not)
  • callum9999callum9999 Forumite
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    Nothing from my account yet, meaning £'000s sitting there at 0.5% interest for the time being...

    So you're happy to spend £100's on olympic tickets but begrudge losing out on a couple of pounds of interest?
  • Caroline_aCaroline_a Forumite
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    Interesting how there has been so much fuss made about the ballot, with some idiots applying for tickets way more than they can afford. I went to the Athens Olympics in 2004. We had to apply for tickets around 14 months before (and pay for them) and heard a couple of months later whether we had got them or not - there was an identical ballot then.

    I don't remember anybody applying for tickets that they didnt get or couldnt afford - it's probably due to the panic buying mentality, and additionally people thinking that they can make a killing on re-selling the tickets. The annoying part about this is that that real sports fans might miss out because some donut thinks he can sell a load of tickets and make himself rich, which of course won't happen as tickets cannot be resold!
  • n1cn1cn1cn1c Forumite
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    some movement in the account today, looks like something finally happening with payment for tickets. Amount debited is approx 25% of what maximum could have been :j
  • tygrtygr Forumite
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    Looks like about a third of my maximum amount has been debited. I want to know what I've got. Very pleased to have got something :D
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