MSE News: Ofcom finds TalkTalk guilty of mis-selling



  • Europa56
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    edited 25 June 2011 at 4:56PM
    We have been with Tiscali (TalkTalk) or whatever they are now since 2004 in our office - we got a letter from them saying they no longer did business broadband and could no longer maintain our website. The website was being revamped anyway so wasn't particularly worried.

    Anyhow as life would have it we ended up having to move the office to home as my 90 year old mother was having a lot of falls so I needed to be 'on site' to care for her.

    We cancelled our contract with them on 14th June - they sent an email with a link to see the bill online - which of course I can't access as they have closed the account. Further correspondence showed they were charging us £118.24 contract breakage fee.

    I immediately emailed them saying we had been with them since 2004 - further investigation online showed that they seem to do 'rolling' contracts. Now none of the directors has ever spoken to anyone from TalkTalk about this - have never signed any paperwork for this or received any emails to that effect.

    So am refusing to pay it - they keep asking for the home address - yeah right like I am going to send them that.....have also cancelled the direct debit - they are not sneaking in and taking the money.

    Some moron keeps sending me an email saying the same standard thing over and over without answering my question. Also sends me a link to log into the online account which is closed - I mean is stupidity indigenous to these people I ask myself.

    I don't mind paying any outstanding normal fees owed but am no way paying a contract breakage fee when we have been with them so long - does loyalty not count for anything.

    Oh and I thought that Ofcom had made them reduce the rates of their breakage fees too.
  • Heinz
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    But you're talking about Talk Talk. Normal rules do not apply.
    Time has moved on (much quicker than it used to - or so it seems at my age) and my previous advice on residential telephony has been or is now gradually being overtaken by changes in the retail market. Hence, I have now deleted links to my previous 'pearls of wisdom'. I sincerely hope they helped save some of you money.
  • jimmyboy1980
    jimmyboy1980 Forumite Posts: 18 Forumite
    Hi jimmyboy1980,

    I would love to help you with the date of your DD, sadly at present I can't. However, if you register at, we can certainly investigate why you aren't being charged at the rate promised when you called retentions.


    To be completely honest Ady I have given up trying. 2 + hours on the phone to customer services, 6 or 7 emails and nothing but stress has all but finished me off with trying to get any sense or reason out of you. The worst thing is that I would have lived with being overcharged, all I asked when renewing my contract was that payments didn't get taken before the last day of the month, and I was assured many times in the call that they wouldn't. Now I have you threatening £70 termination fees, you have charged me £4.50 as an admin fee for a manual payment (which I won't be paying) and no doubt this will be followed swiftly by debt collector / legal letters. All I asked was for a specific day to take my payment . . . Oh - and apparently you have no record of my conversation in which i renewed the contract and was assured of the payment date. As such I have notified TalkTalk that I am terminating my contract as of today.
  • DVardysShadow
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    Heinz wrote: »
    What is your function on this forum then?
    Always to appear busy and concerned for the customer, but under no circumstances ever to do anything useful.
    Hi, we’ve had to remove your signature. If you’re not sure why please read the forum rules or email the forum team if you’re still unsure - MSE ForumTeam
  • k2nyl
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    Had a young girl knock at the door today. She said we are doing an upgrade to the exchange so we can offer you free boardband in this area. I thought yeah right nothing is free. So I asked her if she was from Talk Talk and guess what she was. At no point did she say she was from Talk Talk. When I told her I was already with Talk Talk she asked me how I found the service. Ummmm. This is Talk Talks way of trying to switch people over which is wrong. I knew as soon as she said this speal that she was from Talk Talk because I have had this before, they said "we can come in and do a line test to see if you can get this free service" yes then they steal your line and switch you over to Talk Talk without your knowledge. So be warned.
  • jgsmith43
    jgsmith43 Forumite Posts: 6 Forumite
    Surprise, surprise, Had a salesperson at my door today who started out with the question. - "Have you heard about the new telephone exchange?" Since Ialready knew that no new exchange was on the Horizon Ihumoured her and only after asking directly which Company she was representing did she reveal it was TalkTalk. Her knowqledge of the TPS and cold calling regs was non existent. Sent her on her way with a flea in her ear after she claimed that TalkTalk owned all the fixed lines in my area. Obviously they are working hard to meet the OFCOM requirements - NOT.:mad:
  • alexlyne
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    I'm with talk talk cos they are cheap for what I am after. And you get what you pay for, which is a fact of life 99% of the time. Phone+bb+e/w calls for £11.25 (or it will be once i sign for the VLR). Compare that to BT or others at more than twice the price, I don't expect good customer service!
    So they haven't tried harassing me personally (or anyone else I know personally) which would probably change my mind.
  • Bodrumbill
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    Hi I have been in dispute about TT miselling of products.
    Been going on since May 2011, they offerred me a 30 day trial for phone line and broadband.
    Wanted to cancel but told the minimum contract is 24 months.
    After numerous communications they referred me to the ombudsman otelo,
    are they different from Offcom.
    I am still paying for the service even though I am in dispute and the ombudsman does not rush.
    It is very convienient that TT can only provide one of numererous calls to them and the Ombudsman says that with the lack of information from TT that they have to agree with them that the conversation did not show any free trial.
    How impartial is that.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  • poppy10_2
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    Bodrumbill wrote: »
    Hi I have been in dispute about TT miselling of products.
    Been going on since May 2011, they offerred me a 30 day trial for phone line and broadband.
    Wanted to cancel but told the minimum contract is 24 months.
    Did you cancel within the 30 day trial period?
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