Leather or fabric sofa?

Just wondering what people have and the pros and cons of each?


  • If you have pets or children then a leather one is probably easier to keep clean but you will probably have to spend more to get one that is worth having.

    For all round comfort a fabric one is probably best.

    We have a leather one because of dogs and children.

    But buy a decent one with springs and not just foam with a decent frame. Remember the sheds in most cases sell rubbish so look around for good independent makes.
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    We have had two leather suites and one fabric (the first one). We have had two kids now growing up.

    IMO leather is king. It can be cleaned within reason and providing you get a better quality one as PP said then they will look and be good longer. BTW both of opurs have been cream. Current one is 5+years old and still looks good as new.

    Again as said avoid some of the cheaper sheds.

    Just be careful as they often tend to be bigger than fabric suites in my experience and finding ones that "fit" can mean a bit of a search.
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    I agree - leather every time for me as last longer and I think much more comfy!
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    I've 4 children and would certainly think leather is the best. We've other fabric sofas which don't get nearly as much wear but they need cleaned and hoovered constantly.The only concern with leather is that my house cat likes to attack it during the night but the other benefits more than make up for it. My sister has an expensive nu buck type sofa which seems to stand up to the cat abuse really well.
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    ..another vote for leather, easily cleaned, very hardwearing, just avoid DFS! (very bad experience!!) We eventually got our money back and went to Ikea (avoid their really cheap ones though) We have had our Arild chair and settee for over 5 years, still looks as good as new, and still just a comfortable!
  • Fabric because I don't want to sit on a dead animal.

    Have considered faux leather but frankly I think leather/fake leather looks cold and also feels cold and slippery. Fabric is soft, warm and comfortable. My parents got a leather sofa saying that it would be better for cat claws but wouldn't holes show up more on leather? Haven't been home much but boyfriend's parent's leather sofa is totally scratched up by cats.

    I guess leather/fake leather is easier to clean but then I like to put a blanket on the sofa for cat hairs and the like, can hoover it and then occasionally stick it in the washing machine while keeping the actual sofa cushions clean. No children here so I don't need to worry too much about spillages.
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    Leather every time for me; I don't have a problem sitting on the skin of a dead animal. Is easy to keep clean, a quick wipe with leather polish and all is well. It's not cold, not slippery and decidedly hard wearing. I've had mine for over 5 years and it's as good as new.
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    Go for leather...
    Our leather sofa is over 10 years old and still looking as good as new. As already said, avoid the really cheap places. You don't have to go for the most expensive, but I feel if you are paying a reasonable price because it's leather and from a reputable place, the chances are it'll also have a reasonable build quality.
    The very occasional clean/treatment with a good leather care product seems to keep it looking good. Clean any spills off it as soon as possible. Leather does feel colder than fabric, but it's worth it IMO. Then again, I don't sit on it in my summer skirt.:D

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