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MSE News: Ryanair warns of fare hikes

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Flights, Currency & Car Hire
This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"The budget airline warns surging oil prices will force average air fares up by 12% in the current financial year ..."
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Ryanair warns of fare hikes



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    Yes it is already becoming obvious from their headline fares recently.

    Today they have from £12 written large.

    Six weeks ago I think it was from £5 or from £6 then from £8, now it is double digits.

    So who really knows what the actual average fare is for a first enquiry on their website ? (Betchalife Ryanair do ;))

    Never mind what the fare actually is (let's for the purposes of comparison just trust the headline fare for once :p), just last night I was thinking back to when Air Berlin were headlining fares perhaps 5 years ago at from £13, or from £14 or from £19. Great big posters shouting the price out loud on the pillars at the Stansted satellites and elsewhere.

    At that time some of us were lucky enough to get true 1p flights with Ryanair :money: ... plenty of shouting about those too. I vaguely recall that pre-9.11 I went up front on Ryanair and the captain told me that the average fare achieved at that time was in fact €45 for the route I was on.

    Air Berlin's cheapest fare now seems to be about £40 (if their headline is to be trusted :p)

    Meanwhile, 5 years ago I was charged £110 to park my car for 2 weeks at BAA Stansted Long-Stay, and about four quid in fuel to get there and back, yet amazingly last year it was £50 by stretching it an hour or two each way of scheduled flight times (e.g. booked in at 10 am and booked out at 2pm but booked 12pm to 12 pm saving a fiver :money: , (don't risk it unless you are a gambler as it surely will trip someone up) , but it cost about £6 or £7 in fuel, but this (long) weekend it is £62 and would cost £10 in fuel to drive there so I'll be risking the buses same as last time.

    The bus fare in 5 years has gone from £7 to £8 I think.

    Someone remind me again, the real cost of flying is what exactly? Maybe it's just a feeling, but I think if it is worthy of any discussion at all contributors should state whether they are buying or selling and whether they actually stopped counting :cool: or lost the plot :o years ago .
  • MarkBargainMarkBargain Forumite
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    If they sell £30 flights these are still very cheap, but I wish they would put £30 on their front page and search pages rather than a lower figures with loads of extras added to it (online check-in, delay levy...)
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    Fares still look good to me

    London (Luton) 06:25
    Nîmes 09:15
    1 x Adult 2.00 GBP

    Fare: 2.00 GBP
    Online Check-In: 6.00 GBP
    Delay/Cancel Levy: 0.00 GBP
    Taxes / Fees: 0.00 GBP
    Total Price: 8.00 GBP

    But in high season the price goes up

    Regular Fare
    London (Luton) 06:25
    Nîmes 09:15
    1 x Adult 89.99 GBP

    Fare: 89.99 GBP
    Online Check-In: 6.00 GBP
    Delay/Cancel Levy: 2.00 GBP
    Taxes / Fees: 26.83 GBP
    Total Price: 124.82 GBP

    It is the high season traveller that contributes to the profits, BUT the higher price prompts more consideration of alternatives such as the Eurostar service to Avignon.
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  • DegenerateDegenerate Forumite
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    This is remarkably unimaginative for Ryanair. Surely they should just introduce a new cabin air breathing charge or something like that.
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