E-Mail Account Hacking

I have a feeling that my buisness e-mail account may have been hacked as the amount of work referalls from the website has decreased dramatically of late. I have a feeling the mail is being intercepted as all I seem to get is spam nowadays.

How do I find out if it's been hacked ?

How do I stop the account being hacked ?

I don't want to change the e-mail address if it's possible as it has been on my headed paper for a long time now.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    You will have a password that you use to login to your E-Mail account, change this immediately. If your account has been compromised this will help to prevent future losses.

    Subject to how your hosting/e-mail is set up you should be able to view whom (IP addresses) has been accessing your server & when.

    There are many way's to prevent / reduce spam & the options are posted on this board. Without knowing your arrangements im afraid I can't be of much more help.
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