"A Curb Your Enthusiasm moment" blog discussion



  • Paulgonnabedebtfree
    Paulgonnabedebtfree Forumite Posts: 2,740 Forumite
    So you do sometimes talk a bit fast. So what. I think it's lovely to see someone so enthusiastic about what they do. Perhaps TV time is limited so it needs to tumble out fast. Simple solution is to give you a lot more TV time.
    I think the small amount of time you get is insufficient for the wide subject matter.
  • nonnatus
    nonnatus Forumite Posts: 1,458 Forumite
    You certainly do talk speedily and passionately but it is clearly because the stuff in your head NEEDs to get out fast and you are desperate to help people and know you haven't got enough time in which to do it!!

    I think Jezzer Vine, in paticular is a bit TOO sarcastic about you, although i don't know what sort of "off air" relationship you've got with him. He certainly comes across as if he feels incredible superior to you...

    For what it's worth, I find your style endearing and it's what made me venture to this site and ultimately turn my life around, so it works for me :D
  • *Jelly_Tots*
    *Jelly_Tots* Forumite Posts: 2,102 Forumite
    That is really funny! Awful for Martin, but couldn't help laughing as that is pure Larry David. I think your style makes it come over that you genuinely care about the subject matter, and the people concerned.
  • pixwix
    pixwix Forumite Posts: 122
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    They only have to fix iPlayer so we can play you back at half speed...:o:D:rotfl:
  • Errata
    Errata Forumite Posts: 38,230
    10,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    Could have been worse, you might have been handbagged if you'd been the bloke who tried to bump off Corrie's Rita ;)
    You talk more slowly on The One Show, but it's still pretty fast compared to the presenters and other experts.
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
  • Queen.For.A.Day
    Queen.For.A.Day Forumite Posts: 22 Forumite
    I have to say, I love what Martin does, I just hate how he does it (on television).

    I fast forward through any of his TV spots as I find his laboured shouting even more annoying than his speedy speech.

    Thank god for the weekly email and this website!
    Wow, lots of space here!
  • tingly
    tingly Forumite Posts: 236
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Well I kind of understand the problem here. When some people become older television becomes a bit of a lifeline, and articles like yours are invaluable to them . However older minds and ears sometimes have a difficult time keeping up with the fast pace of your speech sometimes, and that makes them feel bad about themselves. When you dont have much in your life, and you are 'robbed' (for want of a better word) of your comprehension, because of say, fast speech or strong dialects, its like another loss in your life and another little thing to grieve over.
    Martin is muched loved but a bit slower delivery may help those who require his help the most.
  • Plushchris
    Plushchris Forumite Posts: 3,592 Forumite
    Even Anne Robinson told you to slow down last night, maybe the hate filled old bag had a point? (and the woman in the restaraunt for that matter! lol)
    Missing Tesco R&R since Feb '07 :A & now a "Tesco veteran" apparently! ;)
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