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"A Curb Your Enthusiasm moment" blog discussion

edited 20 May 2011 at 2:50PM in Martin's blogs & appearances & MoneySavingExpert in the news
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  • caroline.caroline. Forumite
    54 Posts
    What an awful woman!!! You certainly don't deserve that kind of abuse Martin! Let's hope she was mistaking you for someone else!

    You did the best thing in not reacting to her, I believe in Karma and it's gonna bite her on the bum for that one!
  • bylromarhabylromarha Forumite
    10.1K Posts
    I've been Money Tipped!

    Obviously speedy talking = hate

    What a bizarre thing to do!
    Does Martin know he talks rather fast on TV? Probably.
    Is he going to talk slower due to the womans rant? No.
    Did the woman know Martin was going to blog about her for people to read? Probably not...but hey ho, if you yell at a blogger, you take that risk!

    Look forward to Watchdog next week...
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  • nzmegsnzmegs Forumite
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    Imagine what Larry David would have done? He would have gotten into a bizarre confrontation with her which would have been construed as being incredibly rude and before he knows it he would have been out of a job and the subject of accusations and innuendo.

    Just be thankful your Curb your Enthusiasm moment didn't turn out like his often do! Love love love that program. Buy the boxset (I believe it is discounted at HMV at the moment...)

    Having said all that, my MIL also thinks you talk a bit quick. I tell her you've got so much to say that it just all comes tumbling out. it is called enthusiasm - don't curb it!
  • mysunimysuni Forumite
    237 Posts
    it shows you care!
  • inicholsoninicholson Forumite
    62 Posts
    She probably thought you were Graham Norton
  • I have to agree with the old dear, you do talk too fast. As for her hating you :rotfl: how exactly can you hate someone you don't know.
  • mattytunmattytun Forumite
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    Rampant Recycler Xmas Saver! Savvy Shopper! Energy Saving Champion


    Can't sleep, quit counting sheep and talk directly to the shepherd :cool:
  • Toe-JamToe-Jam Forumite
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    You do talk quite fast and excitable, but I can imagine its only because you want to get through as much as possible in the time that you are given on air.
  • redglass_2redglass_2 Forumite
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    It all depends on the context whether you find fast speech unsettling. Normally i don't mind at all, but I used to have a Man from The Pru who dealt with my pension and he talked so fast, bombarding me with acronyms and statistics, that I had to ask him to slow down. He just speeded up again a sentence later and I used to want to punch him! I wasn't elderly or deaf, and the work I do is fairly demanding so I don't think I'm dumb, either. But I was unfamiliar with pension-speak and out of my comfort zone. I felt I was missing important information, but he repeatedly ignored my cries for help (I couldn't change because it was a work-related scheme and the Pru were handling it). Imagine being lectured on something unfamiliar and difficult - but vital for your life - and the lecturer not pausing for breath (despite being begged to). In the end you give up and it doesn't feel good. I bet the woman who attacked you was frightened in some way, perhaps felt she was missing something. I'm not blaming you for this, Martin - I certainly don't find you too fast - just trying to understand the violence of her reaction.
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  • I think you do an excellant job- you can't please all the people all of the time. Don't let it stop the fight for the consumer. Also, a big potential case that really could change the landscape of Britain please please please take on the Pub Cos Enterprise Inns & Punch they ruin thousands of lives and I'm certain are getting away with too much! Needs big investigations no one will do it!
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