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Needed some much needed help and advice......again!!

we have decided to do a single IVA for my husband as the majority of debt is in his name (other than our mortgage) but as its asking for how much we pay for mortgage, council tax etc do we put the full amount or will they be expecting this to be reduced as i also get a wage? we are not sure how this will work.

will they expect that we pay 50/50 on mortgage, council tax etc if so we are worried as i dont get paid that much and my husband has always paid these.

after i pay my creditors each month there is a surplus of around 400 but i use that for fuel and food etc - any advice will be much appreciated.

i know the IVA is just in his name but as we live together and married what will they do about my accounts?

thanks again


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    What they will expect is for your expenditure to be worked out based on a percentage of what you each earn, so for example, you earn £1000 your husband earns £1500 a month, your mortgage costs are £500 a month, as your husband earns 50% more than you, his contribution towards the mortgage would be 50% more than your contribution, so it wouldn't be £250 each, probably around £350 for him £150 for you or thereabouts if that makes sense!, they would look at your joint household outgoings and proportionally divide his contribution towards them based on what you both earn, your own personal outgoings would not be looked at, then whatever he had left as disposable income would form his IVA payment.
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  • georgie14
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    hi thanks for the reply.

    my concern is i have never contributed towards household costings due to his wage being a lot higher than mine (almost double) and also i have my own debts which i pay every month and there is usually a surplus of around £200.00 which we use to live off after he has paid all the bills but i cannot contribute towards splitting mortgage, bills etc on my current wage therefore i am not sure if they would allow an IVA. we have put in lower amounts for living costs as agreed that i would still be contributing towards these, this was the only way it left us a surplus on his account to pay into an IVA so we though that the additional money i have would make up the living costs that we have put as low on SOA but now i am worried that they will come back and lower all this outgoings due to living with me - can any one clarify? thanks
  • georgie14
    georgie14 Posts: 17 Forumite
    also forgot to mention but my husband pays £330 a month child maintenance to children from his first marriage this is nothing to do with me and i have never contributed - how would they see this? as they are not my children?
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