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    I have just parked in a car park allegedly run by a private company. It is not supervised or monitored to protect my vehicle. I was in a rush purchased a ticket and returned 20 minutes late to find a van parked by my car having clamped it. He wanted £120.00 to release the car and had written out a ticket. I rang the police who informed me that this was civil matter. The notice I saw above me warned of being clamped but I could not see no tariff of how much this would be if I was late and besides the notice where I was revealed a different company to whom I was asked to pay. I looked at other notices and they seemed to say the same company as the man who told me to pay. I later found out that my car has been damaged slightly by the where the clamp has been. I rang the company up and was told to write in but because I was late back there was nothing I could do. I asked if some discount could be applied if the van was still parked there and had only just put the clamp and didn't have to return to where I was but was told they had to be consistent in what they charge. My questions were also are they allowed to charge so much, what do I do about the damage to my car I was told to write in - I asked whom I was talking to but was told I was talking to officer no 47!!! The company was called Ethical Parking Management. Surely they cannot be justified to charge this much for a fine??? What shall I do????

    You need to post on pepipoo forums like the other person today did (see the link quoted above to the other person's thread). Register over there, read the stickies and start your own thread there. Pepipoo will tell you that you will have to sue the clampers and whoever contracted them there, and they will advise you on what evidence to gather to sue them both. Get a photo of the sign with the other company's name on it.

    But - not being funny - if you want help then please post your new pepipoo thread with paragraph spacing - I cannot read a block of writing like the above, I get too bored.

    Oh, and 'writing in' or 'appealing' to a private parking company is utterly pointless unless you are sending a Letter before Action, prior to suing them. Nothing else will do.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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