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woolwich won't port my current reserve facility

edited 25 April 2011 at 5:39PM in Stoozing: free cash from credit cards
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Hi All,

I'm a first-time poster so my apologies if this question has been asked already.

I am porting my current mortgage with Woolwich. I have absolutely no debts and am not asking to borrow any additional funds. I used 7k from my 12k mortgage reserve to pay fees etc and to ready my house for sale.

I have been informed by Woolwich that they wish to take away this facility even though it is part of the t&c of my current mortgage.

Surely, they have to port my mortgage in it's entirety if I meet their lending criteria - which I do.

The 7k has now been paid back.

Any advice as to my position in insisting that I am allowed to keep this facility would be greatly appreciated


  • :hello: Hello and welcome to MSE.

    You may be wondering why, after two days, you have had no replies to your question. It may be because you have posted it in the area for discussion of Stoozing: Free Cash from Credit Cards.

    It would, perhaps, have been more logical to post it in the Mortgages & Endowments area.
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