Support/encouragement for us who are trying to save up!!

First off, this is my first thread so it may be in the wrong place!! :/

I'm wanting to save up for my wedding, having tried and failed before i really want it to work this time!!
I need approx £5000 for my wedding in Thailand (inlc accomodation for 1 month,flights,dress,rings etc)
I've just got a new p/t job, and hoping to save £250/mth. I'll be trying to sell some of my stuff on ebay to top it up too,plus anything else i think of/come accross!
If i manage this then we will have enough money in 18 months (as we have just got our £600 deposit back from old landlord (after 8 months!) which will start us off).

Just wanting to find people also trying to save money so we can support/encourage eachother! :D
September £5 a day challenge £65.41/£125 :)


  • congratulations!!!

    I got married just over a year ago and I bought my dress from the charity shop. I paid £50 and the dress cost new £3 500. Depends on what they have in at the time though x
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    Just wanted to wish you luck in your saving for your wedding x
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    hi good luck.
    perservereance too, took me years to save to go to new zealand and now im going, its going to take a while to save up again?
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    I always try my hardest to save, but I like take aways and McDonalds coffee too much. Maybe if I wasn't a pig I'd have more money, but then again I'm not trying to save up for anything.

    Good luck and congratulations
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    i know what you mean, food one of my downfalls too? perhaps my main and biggest one?
    i love/like those buffet like things, esp when you can go back up for more, better still when you can print or get a voucher to save the pennies?
    roll on payday thursday. ive had to adjust my budget so im saving more to ensure im saving more for my general savings account so i can perhaps eventually afford to buy/replace the big appliences if and when the go caput? plus afford to maybe get some winter clothes/clothes in general.
    also got to work out my budget so i can afford to save for holidays plus have some money going away for no reason than some spare money?
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