RNS ALERT - shutting down

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does anyone know any other good providers for RNS, I used to use these guys and they would send out an email per RNS but unfortunately the below has happend :(

Dear User

It is with great regret and sadness that I am writing to you to inform you that due to unforseen circumstances we are unable to continue with the RNSalert service.

Of course, to ensure you are not out of pocket, all outstanding balances will be refunded and active subscriptions will be suspended.

A Brief Background
RNSalert was setup as a hobby and is operated by a single person (me!), an average Joe private investor, with the primary intention of providing a valuable service to fellow private investors. Rather than to make money, the pricing structure in place was geared solely to cover my costs rather than to make any money.

It actually started life as a "light bulb moment" when I noticed one of my investments had shot up by 40%. The engine was written as a private entity solely to send me "tweets" when this company released an RNS alert.

Realising the fact that this was likely to be a useful tool for fellow private investors I then opened the engine out into the public domain and hence the service was born.

Reason For Suspension
We have been contacted today by the London Stock Exchange informing us of our obligation to pay a distributors license which is £20,000 per annum. Obviously our pricing structure we have in place does not cover this unexpected cost and so I have had to immediately suspend the service.

As I have mentioned earlier, all outstanding balances and services will be refunded and I would appreciate your patience while this is carried out.
Please accept my sincerest apologies for this situation. It is with deep regret and sadness that I have had to suspend the service.
In time, it may be feasible to reintroduce the service with a different pricing structure that will allow the license fee to be covered, and with that in mind, I would appreciate any comments you may have on this, in particular, what you would be willing to pay for an SMS RNS alert, or any other suggestions you may have.
If you have any further questions or comments, please let me know by replying to this email.
Kind regards and many thanks for your support, patience and understanding,
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