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Fast Growing Climber

mattytun Posts: 13,920 Forumite
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Hi im looking for a "Fast Growing Climber" ive got a wall with a trellis on it and need something to cover it through the summer months plus something that i can cut back in winter .
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  • FatVonD
    FatVonD Posts: 5,315 Forumite
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    Try Russian Vine!
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  • stumpycat
    stumpycat Posts: 597 Forumite
    FatVonD wrote: »
    Try Russian Vine!


  • onestep
    onestep Posts: 893 Forumite
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    Annuals like morning glory, or sweetpeas? Or longer lasting, like a climbing Rose, clematis, or honeysuckle?
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  • JanCee
    JanCee Posts: 1,241 Forumite
    clematis montana is a fast grower.
  • kinkyjinks
    kinkyjinks Posts: 852 Forumite
    It depends if you want foliage or flowers. I love Virginia Creeper. It grows really fast and doesn't ruin wood or brickwork. The leaves turn red before they fall off, giving you some colour in Autumn and it doesn't mind being cut back quite hard either unless, like me, you always forget to do it. It also makes an excellent screen from nosey neighbours if you plant it next to a fence ;)
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  • Errata
    Errata Posts: 38,230 Forumite
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    There's a climbing clematis that's evergreen, a good grower and has small white flowers in the spring.
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  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 12,492 Forumite
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    clematis is lovely, just put stones over the roots

    russian vine :eek::eek::eek:
  • annie123
    annie123 Posts: 4,256 Forumite
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    Don't bother with Russian vine, we put one in 20 years ago and after 3 years it started to cover an area 6'x4' another couple of years it took off.
    We got bored waiting for it to cover the wire fence that back the park so planted a native hedge and cut the root, then the council put up fences and killed my newly planted hedge:mad:

    The RV is still near by............ grows up the trees in the park behind us, on other neighbours gardens all over the place but not our garden:)

    I'd stick to a clematis;)
  • Outer_Limits
    Outer_Limits Posts: 10,576 Forumite
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    edited 16 April 2011 at 2:26PM
    I'd check the 'final heights' before choosing!

    You might consider putting in a winter-flowering jasmine, which you cut hard back to the frame after flowering (November to March) which would help support a summer-flowering clematis (two clems in different colours look wonderful.) Or a climbing rose, as suggested, is lovely combined with a clem.

    If your garden is very mild and sheltered a summer-flowering jasmine is lovely, (wonderful scent) and cutting back (once it has settled in and grown) encourages more flowering. Mixes well with clems, too.

    C. montana, and C. armandii that Errata mentioned are lovely but spring-flowering and what they call 'rampant' - you'd need some space!

    Climbing sweet peas are a great idea for a show this year, while permanent climbers are growing.
  • Mrs_Arcanum
    Mrs_Arcanum Posts: 23,976 Forumite
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    Jasmine or Passionflower. Clematis are lovely but need attention/pruning the first few years.
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