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Barclaycard not honouring 0% interest

My wife switched to barclay card after they advertised 0% interest on balance transfers in November. Since tranfering money she has been charged interest at 16.7%. when she phoned up to complain they said sorry for the mistake but the interest should be 6.9%. which is still not right. Can you give me advice please about how to handle this for the best?


  • I had the same response. I took out the card based purely on the balance transfer offer. I transfered the balance from another card within the 60 day limit, and now find I am paying interest rate of 6.9% per annum until paid off.

    Any advice as to where to go from here?

  • TixyTixy Forumite
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    Did you apply online or by phone?
    Does the original paperwork you received confirm you were accepted for the card that allowed 0% balance transfers?? If it does then there shouldn't be an issue - just contact barclaycard and remind them of the paperwork you received and insist the account is corrected.
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  • david39david39 Forumite
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    Have you either missed a payment or paid after the due date on the statement. If you have done, then the 0% rate will have been withdrawn (T&Cs of promotional rates.)

    If not, ring them up again and ask them why you are not receiving the promotional rate offered at the time.
  • jimjamesjimjames Forumite
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    Is the rate on new purchases different to the 0% transfer?
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  • I am in the same boat. Whilst clearing the balance on my Barclaycard I went to my online account where the offered me the 0% deal. So after clearing the card in full a few days later I transferred a balance I had on another card to them. That was January and I have been charged interest ever since. I phoned to complain and firstly they told me "you picked the wrong rate" & secondly "that offer was never available to me".

    I got refunded the interest but I also want my BT fee refunded. Bad enough they make a mistake like that but dont see why I should have to pay for it.

    If anyone has had any joy getting this honoured let me know. I was thinking the ombudsman being the next step. Perhaps if there was enough of us it would make a difference.
  • knightstyleknightstyle Forumite
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    Well it worked for me, transferred money from dormant Barclaycard to Halifax a few months ago, 3% charge and 0% interest.
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