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my bank didnt close my account four years ago

I closed my account and moved abroad some years ago. Recently I returned to the uk and the TSB bank says I did not close my account and I have incurred 700 in charges(the account had a monthly fee) however, I distinctly remember cancelling the account with phone and mail.
I wouldnt have found out they held charges,however, I had read martins blog on recovering charges. Over the years I know I had had lots of late fee charges of 25pounds etc so thought about recovering them when I discovered this terrible news. My question to anyone would be. Where do I stand at proving I closed the account. Will I have to pay the 700 charges and should I still try to claw back my charges incurred while I held the account. :mad:


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    Do you have a copy of the letter that you wrote to close the account? and a statement that showed you owed nothing at that date?
    Did you provide a forwarding address abroad?

    How many years ago was this that you wrote the letter and moved?
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