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Bexley Council PCN/NTO

Hi all

1st post on the forum so please be gentle with me !!!!

I received a PCN from Bexley Council for a code 62J parking infringment (parking with one or more wheels on or over a footpath etc).

The offence took place at 21.59, was captured on camera by a Smart car operative and the photos provided clearly show the offence happening with my car being the offending vehicle. There are no signs/markings to say that parking on the pavement is permitted where the offence took place.

However the PCN states the offence took place in a different main road to where it actually took place, so do I have grounds to challange the PCN on these grounds?

The photos have a GPS longditude and latitude reading on them, but do they count for anything?

The PCN was received 12 days after the offence took place and I have had it for five days now.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.



  • taffy056
    taffy056 Posts: 4,895 Forumite
    If they got the wrong street it's flawed IMO, but post on in the parking section , you will need to register and post a new thread, if you scan in your pcn omitting your personal details then upload to photobucket, you'll be able to place a link in the thread.

    Good luck
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  • myball123
    myball123 Posts: 14 Forumite
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    For your response.

    I will post on PepiPoo as you suggest.

    I will report back IDC.

  • Coupon-mad
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    There is always the additional appeal point of asking why a vehicle mounted camera was used? Hopefully they won't fully consider that appeal point and will not answer properly - you will then have more ammo at formal appeal/adjudication.

    Councils have to justify why they use these camera cars, they should only be used sparingly where it's not practicable for a CEO to issue a PCN. If the car driver could observe your car there, why could he/she not get out of the car and attach a standard PCN which would communicate the penalty immediately and prevent a recurrence of that alleged contravention?

    See below, a link to the latest Chief Parking Adjudicator's Report, very relevant to you (ignore the fact it's hosted on Manchester Council's website, it is in fact a national report). Read the pages about camera cars and examples of successful appeals to quote in support of your own appeal:

    And here's the direct link to the right pepipoo forum:

    Read the FAQs and stickies at the top, see how to post and attach pictures - they will need to see all pages of the PCN and a pic or link showing where you were parked and any signage. Was there a warning sign saying traffic cameras were operating? Tell pepipoo as much as you can.

    They get most people off most PCNs. Let us know what happens in the end.
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  • peter_the_piper
    peter_the_piper Posts: 30,268 Forumite
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    Unless the operative got out of the car how would a photo show obstructing a DK? At best it will show a sidelong view with the obvious distortion that a picture will give. When you post on pepipoo upload all the pics, remove vrm and put into the post.
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  • free_juice?
    The OP may wishe to visit the website and navigate to the blog for 25 March 2011. It demonstrates that all the signs for pavement parking are the wrong ones.

    Bexley council is probably the worst in outer London for ignoring the law on parking regulations. There is a case on that site which details how reversing out of a legitimate on-pavement parking spot can get you a penalty because you are momentarily stopped on a yellow line while engaging forward gear.
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  • myball123
    myball123 Posts: 14 Forumite
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    Wey hey, good news arrived in the post yesterday, a cancellation notice from Bexley council.

    Thanks for all of your help.

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