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MSE News: Energy price hikes for hundreds of thousands

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Some face rises of 23% which could add £186 a year to a typical bill as 14 cheap gas and electricity deals end this week ..."


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    The following deals all ended yesterday or today, according to Energyhelpline, meaning anyone on them will now face a hike.
    • British Gas Price Guarantee March 2011
    • EDF Energy Annual Fix 2
    • EDF Energy Online Saver 5
    • EDF Energy Discount Plan 2
    • Eon EnergySaver R1
    • Eon Price Protection R2
    • Eon FixOnline 6
    • Npower Sign Online 17
    • Npower Web 17
    • Scottish Power Fix 'n' Flex April 2011
    • Scottish Power Capped for Free
    • Scottish Power Capped Price Energy April 2011
    • Scottish Power Price Tracker April 2011
    • Scottish Power Discounted Energy April 2011
    Is this another typical Daily Express scare-mongering headline? :cool:

    Have any of these products really been 'pulled'?
    Has anyone really been turfed off these deals?

    Or is it simply a case that a wise decision in the past by certain customers to fix/cap rates has now come to it contractual end, an end date that customers knew about when they originally agreed to the deal?
    If so, there are no 'price-hikes'; the deal they were on has now ended and they will have to search for a new deal (which your article explains how), or failing that get put onto a currently available tariff the supplier would have advised them of.
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    I'm surprised that Atlantic aren't on the list. My fixed price tariff came to an end on March 31st and the replacement tariff is more than 25% higher for electric and 30% higher for gas.
    Needless to say, I am soon to become an ex-Atlantic customer.
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    Scare tactics. I thought I was reading the Daily Mail for a minute.
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    I was on NPower Sign Online 17 tariff and I have decided to switch to a capped tariff to 31st May 2012. I did a price comp based purely on Kwh useage on both fuels. Goodbye Online 17 and hello to Go Fix 5, again with NPower. Thought I might have to change my username for a minute.

    It worked out I am about £56 a year worse off from now on, probably a little less after taking into the cashback for switching. I am happy to pay just over £1 a week more now on the gamble that prices will rise between now and 31/5/12 by more than this capped figure. Who can tell, its all a gamble but at least in the unlikely event of massive price falls in the price of gas/electricity, I could still pay a termination charge if I need to.

    My gut feeling is that prices will jump greater than 5% over the next 14 months.
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