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Hi All,

I'm new posting on this site and would just like some guidence.

I've applied for the Nationwide credit card for 17 months 0%, received my pre agreement last week and they have said I have 90 day to return this or my application will be cancelled.

I'm wanting to the send the agreement back as after about 60 days as my Virign credit card deals runs out in June.

Does anyone know if i've been accepted or will the credit card company do more check as it will be 2 months after I applied.



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    First question - what is the point of getting the 2nd credit card? I don't know the legalities of cc deals but surely the polite thing to do would be to phone them and take it from there

    Call me ignorant but the only good CC is one that's shredded

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  • Erme wrote: »
    Call me ignorant but the only good CC is one that's shredded
    You're ignorant. Sorry, couldn't resist. :D
    • Cashback cards effectively actually pay you to use them. Not a lot, admittedly, but worth having.
    • Credit cards also give you additional protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 that you don't get by using cash or cheque.
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    Ok youre ignorant! :)

    You get :

    Free flights (lloyds tsb)
    Free airmiles (virgin atlantic amex)
    Free clubcard points (tesco cc m/c)
    Free credit reports ( capital one)
    Free cash back (amex)
    Free money (stoozing)
    Free withdrawals abroad

    Credit cards rocks! Always have a DD set up for the minimum balance and pay in full so you'll be the winner. (but don't pay in full if you're stoozing till the end of the 0% interest period! )
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